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Recent content by adric22

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    Pellet gun vs. Black Powder

    I've done many walks with Open Carry Texas, where I have carried my rifle. I've even gone grocery shopping, gone out to eat, etc. all while carrying my rifle. But I've had something on my mind I've been wanting to try for quite some time. You see, a lot of guys are now open-carrying black...
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    Can you open carry a TASER?

    I have been searching through google for days and have not come up with a definite answer on this. There are two questions I'm trying to find the answer to: Is it legal to open carry a TASER in Texas? I see people open carrying pepper spray, I would think that is in the same league. Is it...
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    Business Trip to Ohio

    I am from Texas and I have a concealed handgun license, but from what research I've done it is useless in Ohio. But I may be headed that way for a business trip next month and I'm trying to figure out the best way to protect myself. I'd be coming in on one of the major airports and then...