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Recent content by DEFENSOR

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    Open carriers in my area?

    I am new to Utah but not to open carry. I now live in Herriman and was wondering if I had any neighbors who OC on a regular basis. I have my CFP and always carry but choose to OC the majority of the time. if they are but a few of us we should get together and go for a meal to help foster an...
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    Where I belong

    I finally made it, I moved here from Kalifornia a couple of weeks ago and lovin it. I took my CFP class and anxiously await my permit and will be happy open carrying with it. I have had a warm welcome from concealed and open carry enthusiasts alike. I look forward to not having to wear...
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    OC in car.

    I am on my way on the 14th and will apply for my conceal permit immediately. I would like to OC in the meantime. Open Carry in a car here in Ca. is very restrictive due to the school zones. Do Utah school zones also apply to open carry in your car?
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    Bass Pro Shop

    A friend and I were OC in Bass Pro in Rancho Cucamonga yesterday. Going in we were told that we could not be loaded, ok no problem. An hour later the guys at the gun counter told us that if we wanted to carry in the store we had to go downstairs and let them put a trigger lock on it. We asked...
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    War Memorial vandalized and stolen

    imported post Sometime lastnight the controversial Mojavewar memorial was vandalized. This was a small remotely located memorial in the california desert. There was a steel cross that stood proudlyuponan outcropping of rocks on what used to be public land. It stood for some seventy years and...
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    Membership rolls

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