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Recent content by Doug_Nightmare

  1. Doug_Nightmare

    Chitcago Now LARGEST Outdoor Shooting Range in America

  2. Doug_Nightmare

    Back yard shooting range and restrictions on plat

    he might be correct, “no ordinances.” http://whitleycountyfiscalcourt.com/ordinances.asp
  3. Doug_Nightmare

    When Can You Threaten Deadly Force as a Defensive Tactic? Eugene Volokh

    Too bad training is not required for exercise of the First Amendment Right to Free Speech.
  4. Doug_Nightmare


    I see that cop bashing is now being tolerated. Let the circus begin.
  5. Doug_Nightmare

    VCDL and PVC in the news

    Boogaloo Bois Boogerman Battalion is ascendant, wearing their Hawaiian shirts and gaggling under their Pepe flag. Praise KEK. PARLER can post the truth. Democracy is in decline as Ancient Athens Greece declined. Read The Athenian Democracy in the Age of Demosthenes (Blackwell, 1991) by...
  6. Doug_Nightmare

    When Can You Threaten Deadly Force as a Defensive Tactic? Eugene Volokh

  7. Doug_Nightmare

    Posse Comitatus Act

    Pointless. Not worth the effort. One has the whole virtual world of jurisprudence at ones fingertips. You’ve been ‘schooled’!
  8. Doug_Nightmare

    Merry Christmas in June, not yet July.

  9. Doug_Nightmare

    What good are constitutional rights if they are violated when Americans get sick?

    We all end up disabled one way or another, sooner or later, and I would rather be in my figurative wheelchair with my gun in my lap. This may be a generation gap thing, right ZOOMER?
  10. Doug_Nightmare

    SCOTUS distributes 10 Second Amendment Cases for 5/1/2020 Conference

    Mance v. Barr (5th Circuit)—challenge to federal prohibition on out-of-state handgun purchases Pena v. Horan (9th Circuit)—challenge to California's prohibition on "unsafe" handguns (including "microstamping" requirement) Gould v. Lipson (1st Circuit)—challenge to Massachusetts's "may issue"...
  11. Doug_Nightmare

    Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and Firearms in the United States: Will an Epidemic of Suicide Follow?

  12. Doug_Nightmare

    Supreme court punts New york case

  13. Doug_Nightmare

    Best wishes to John Wesley Hall, Esq. Fourth Amendment .com. Long hospitalized.

    I believe that there is a difference in contribution beyond participating. Participation does bring in click profits though.