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Recent content by Firearms Iinstuctor

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    London Bridge attacker

    He was shot and killed by the police most likely because he had a bomb vest on. That turned out to be a fake.
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    Second Amendment Sanctuaries: Rhetoric vs. Reality

    Mainly these are feel good resolutions. Once the state passes the law, law enforcement can enforce it or not enforce at their will. What one sheriff does can change at the next election. Prosecuting the right people is always an option once the law is passed. It is better to not have the...
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    OR cave junction's volunteer camera watchers ~ id criminals by the way they look!

    Some times it just that simple. Other times it is not. What they do with the information is the key.. Every area has it known criminal element. They tend to have certain habits. A small minority of any population commit the majority of the crimes. So watching for them makes sense.
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    Oral Argument 12/02 New York State Rifle & Pistol Assn., Inc. v. City of New York transcript.

    The old liberial media is pushing that story line. But I don't think it is that clear yet.
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    There is no perfect "stance" for every one looking at or trying something new isn't bad/good or other wise on it's face. Depending on many factors one might or might not work for you. Modifying it might work for you. What works in competition might not work well other places/times. If you...
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    Open Carry in Practice: Who's done it? | Vigilance Elite

    99% of comments have been positive. Talked with another OCer at the local wally world the other day while we were checking out. Casher heard us tacking guns and open carry not a blink just kept ringing items up. A lot hype about nothing made by the anti's. One just has to realize they hate...
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    Saugus HS, Santa Clarita shooting

    No indication or other wise. Just relating my experience with one young man and his ability to shoot real firearms only after using air soft. In his case it did translate very well.
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    Saugus HS, Santa Clarita shooting

    Air soft. ? I took 16yoa boy shooting real firearms for the first time. He had extensive time using a high grade air soft M16/AR15 and a air soft 1911 it was impressive how well he shot using my AR then my 1911.
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    VA-ALERT: VCDL is organizing NOW to fight back - we need YOU to do your part!

    Oh please if you think you can bargain with the anti's and win your sadly mistaken. The only bargaining they do is for their benefit.
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    Why didn't someone carrying in that Texas Wal-Mart interviene to stop that mass shooting?

    Some people can not, some people can. some people should not. What you do is personal and vary situational dependent .
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    Virginia Assembly goes to the Democrats

    We will have to wait an see how they rule in the New York rifle and pistol case due to be heard in Dec.
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    Wedding Guns.

    Guns make many things interesting.
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    Virginia Assembly goes to the Democrats

    My condolences also
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    Retention Holster. What level do you guys use?

    Your right there is not many around in tree county. Now out west in prairie county like eastern Montana finding a place to 600 and further is fairly easy. I am heading out there next week with my 300WM for a mule deer hunt.
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    Retention Holster. What level do you guys use?

    Depending on the student. Because the training I give is tailored to the student it is not boiler plate. The distance isn't the important element. Having them realize that when a lot is going on around them and they need to get a shot off. A good amount of the times that they draw they will...