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Recent content by Firearms Iinstuctor

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    What happened to this group

    You can live with a negative attituded or you can live having a positive attituded. That is up to you.
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    What happened to this group

    A positive supreme court ruling. A few more states adopting permit less carry. On and ON
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    What happened to this group

    We could win it faster also.
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    What happened to this group

    21 one states with permit less carry more on the way. 40 plus states that allow open carry. Lack of a good moderator. We are winning slowly.
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    Hampton Roads - OC reports

    25 below no open carry here for awhile.
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    It Was Inevitable...

    Punishment by process is very real. As the old cops use to say you might beat the rap but you well not beat the ride. For some crimes the public well call for your hanging long before you go to court. Now day you can not escape the fact that you were charged. If if one moves far away a...
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    well a quandary...

    Thanks The non cap of ham compared to HAM got me. New info on JAR
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    well a quandary...

    Ok I need to be informed of wat a JAR is and what a HAM is. Have not heard those terms used around here
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    Greater Richmond OC Dinner - Tues, November 9th - 7:00 p.m.

    With the election results you will have something to toast to.
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    What Would You Say to Someone Who Freaks Out at the Sight of a Gun?

    It is amazing how many times that political boards are afraid of using that option on employees that run afoul of them.
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    A few years have passed ...

    Politicians really hate it when you tell them they need to stand up and take their oath of office seriously. To most of them it is just some thing they have to say. They have no honor. There are good reason criminals are for gun control. I have cornered more then one politician. They do...
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    Are You Shooting the Best Bullet Weight for Your Defensive Handgun?

    Read my reply here the same thoughts apply to bullet weight. https://forum.opencarry.org/index.php?threads/best-self-defense-ammo.138303/post-2250154
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    Bump Stocks are not Machine Guns. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

    Far more politics involved then facts.