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Recent content by JerL

  1. JerL

    Firearms On UTA

    I remember reading something here that there is a prohibition of firearms on UTA. I was reading through the "Rider Rules" and there is no mention of firearms being prohibited. I also tried the "Safety and Security" section and have failed to find it there also. So far have been unsuccessful...
  2. JerL

    Open carry at Summer Fest in Logan

    First I want to thank all who have posted here. I went to the first threads and worked my way to the current threads and learned alot. Last Friday evening I went to an art festival in downtown Logan. I was a little nervous knowing so many people were going to be there. Also I was unsure how...
  3. JerL

    New to North Dakota

    I will be relocating to ND for the summer and wanted to bring my guns. I want to keep them close to me while I am there. I am not sure of the laws. I am not licensed to conceal. I plan on bringing a couple of long guns and a couple of pistols. All will be semi-auto. Is there anything I should be...