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Recent content by JohnMoses

  1. JohnMoses

    Carson City get together?

    Anyone in the Reno/Carson City area interested in doing a get together?
  2. JohnMoses

    Vegas Hike?

    Anyone interested in going on a day hike this weekend? I'd like to go the 15th or 16th.
  3. JohnMoses

    Nevada Petition to Secede

  4. JohnMoses

    November 3rd Open Carry Get Together

    I started a new thread. Anyone who is interested in getting together on November 3rd, let us know. I have no idea where we could go. I would like for it to be in Las Vegas this time. Post your ideas of where we could go.
  5. JohnMoses

    October 3rd Open Carry Get Together

    November 3rd Open Carry Get Together new thread started
  6. JohnMoses

    Help Me Win a Shotgun

    Take a couple seconds and click on this link. It will help me win a shotgun. http://www.armslist.com/contests?utm_source=c000021&utm_medium=plink&utm_campaign=p046935
  7. JohnMoses

    Campus Carry?

    Can someone inform me on the topic of carrying on a college campus?
  8. JohnMoses

    I am officially a Nevada resident

    Went to the DMV earlier to get my drivers license. I am officially a Nevada resident now. It feels good to get out of Illinois.
  9. JohnMoses

    Flying With Firearms

    I moved yesterday, and I flew to my new home. I just had two firearms to take with me. I had my AK and my CZ82. I walked into Indianapolis International, walked up to the United Airlines check in counter. The lady behind the counter saw the gun case, and with the most polite voice I've had the...
  10. JohnMoses

    Gun Belts

    Which one did you get? I just ordered the 2" Super Duty belt.
  11. JohnMoses

    OH YEAH. Special OPS Rifle Now for Civilians

    http://www.paraord.com/new/product_rifle.php Para Tactical Target Rifle Specifications: Model Names (Product Codes): TTR – Aluminum Partial Rail Forearm (TTR-XAS) TTR – Aluminum Full Rail Forearm (TTR-XA) Caliber: 5.56 NATO (.223) Barrel: 16.5...
  12. JohnMoses


    I've been searching all over the net, and can't find my answer. Is it legal to OC at church in Nevada?
  13. JohnMoses

    Blue Card

    Can someone explain the process of the blue card in Clark county?