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    State legislature wants to protect second amendment

    Hi guys, Protius, firearms etc... The state legislature is moving forward with a legislation to prevent feds from unconstitutionally taking our guns. Contact your legislators, to pass it in assembly and senate.
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    GOP leader calls Evers' special session on guns a 'nonstarter'

    Assembly Speaker Robin Vos called Gov. Tony Evers’ special session on guns a "nonstarter" Wednesday, two days after the governor announced he would bring lawmakers back to Madison next month. "Tony Evers must run his life by polls," Vos said in an interview with WISN 12 News. "I run mine by...
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    N.J Police Will Enforce Ban

    The New Jersey State Police corresponded with Breitbart News on December 11 and refused to rule out house-to-house enforcement of the state’s “high capacity” magazine ban. New Jerysites. What are you going to do?? Give in...
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    Travelling through Tennessee But Will Be Stopping On Way Back

    Going to NC in not so distance in the future. Communicated with USCCA of which I am a member to ask for help. Find out that though WI and TN have reciprocity, Tennessee doesn't allow ammo in a gun unless one is travelling through without stopping. Now how did such a dumb law get passed not...
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    Florida 'assault weapon' Ban

    People who lawfully have an assault weapon prior to the enactment of the provision would be exempt — but these individuals would be required to register the weapons. Government still hasn't gotten the message. You cannot ban certain types of guns or ammo or magazine capacity...
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    Walmart Says No To Guns

    Walmart is also asking customers not to carry firearms in stores in states with “open carry” laws unless they are authorized law enforcement officers. https://www.foxbusiness.com/retail/walmart-will-stop-selling-handgun-ammunition-asks-customers-not-to-carry-guns-in-stores
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    Whats' up With Ron Johnson?

    Ron is open to GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham’s bill that would establish a red flag grant program, but said the Senate would need to “attach to those grants very strict guidelines in terms of due process.” https://www.politico.com/story/2019/08/20/trump-gun-control-reversal-1469282
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    Florida 2020 Assault weapon ban referendum

    Hi Friends! What's the plan on the upcoming 'assault weapon' ban in 2020? Anything that kills is an assault weapon, not just guns. We in Wisconsin are holding for now...
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    Problems in carrying in my church

    Hi friends. I am still around, carrying by trusty EAA 38sp/ 357 Mag pistol. Planning to buy a handgun after all these years. I began to attend church after holding chapel services for 4.5 years in a nursing home. The new director was hostile to gospel preaching. I open carried in church in the...
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    Utah Republican Pushing ‘Common Sense’ Gun Confiscation Bill

    KJZZ reports that Handy’s legislation is House Bill 209. It would allow the confiscation of firearms from individuals who have made “a recent threat of violence” or who have been deemed to be “dangerous.” Other factors can also result in confiscation...
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    We Got some RINOS

    Representative Steinke is open to Red Flag Law. Call your Reps and Senators. https://www.wbay.com/content/news/State-Senators--504186601.html?fbclid=IwAR2Lg8VaH_HIEgV4NIVcFDf9H7vdQRwYUYG6AW-kivOGBewqP0fU6xAWDWc
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    A Storm Is Brewing

    I read that our newly elected attorney general Kaul wants to propose a new law, the Red Flag Law and the Educator in chief is in agreement. The AG is supposed to enforce laws of the state and show discretion in enforcement, not propose new laws! He should have run for the legislature! I created...
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    Still Around Open Carrying.

    Hi everyone. I am still alive enjoying open carry. If you remember my best friend Chief Krutke, a constitutional originalist like me passed away last August, succumbing to cancer. Last February, he hired me as a City of Prescott code enforcement officer. I work out of the police department. I am...
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    Armed Vs Unarmed

    A mother was placing her infant in the car after shopping at Walmart. Two assailants decided to pounce on her. A good unarmed Samaritan got out of his car to help to help. Guess what happened to him? Another good samaritan got out of his car to help. He was armed. Guess who died? Though we must...
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    English Churches Susceptable To Terrorist Attack. Internet Goes Nuts Over This.

    One should not be surprised about this. Oh England, where we get our common law from, it is a simple solution: Churches in small towns I suppose would be suspect more so than larger cathedrals in larger cities which I suppose would get security by the city admin. The solution is to re introduce...
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    Concealed Carrier Saved An Officer Under Attack

    An officer and a meth user were struggling on the ground when the meth user reached for the officer's gun. A CCLer shows up just in time and saves the officer's life. This is a great story! A case for law abiding citizens carrying their gun...
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    Prescott Man Acosted In Bar By Another man Who Said He Is A CCLer

    I don't know if the CCLer was carrying in the bar or not. The No Name Bar has sign stating no weapons allowed including knives, billy club etc... It seems to me that the CCLer's words were a veiled threat bec he got the impression that the person he warned was after his wife. I suppose it could...
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    Facebook Live Video Reportedly Captures Moments After Officer Shoots Minnesota Man

    Family members of Philando Castile, a Minnesota man killed by police during a traffic stop Wednesday, told CNN on Thursday morning that he was a “law-abiding citizen” with a concealed carry permit. Not sure why he was shot...
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    Shirtless Male Caught on Camera Attacking Horrified People in Broad Daylight and...

    A pipe welding terrorist terrorized folks in downtown Denver beating people with a pipe. This area so says a person has no police patrols. The guy is free to beat and injure and there is no one carrying a gun defending themselves. Shocking...
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    Wauwatosa officer fatally shoots man at Madison Park

    There are no details yet but I hope the officer did not react too quickly. A Wauwatosa police officer shot and killed a man early Thursday morning while investigating a suspicious vehicle near the city's north side. According to police, at approximately 3:03 a.m. Thursday, the officer noticed...