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  1. J

    OC at the northeast WA fairgrounds in Colville

    well I am wondering if there is any reasion I can't carry at the fair. I drove down here from Utah and have a Utah permit. I am origanaly from WA and I'm here to visit the family and we are going to the fair. I read the pamphlet and did not see it as a place I could not carry. I did notice that...
  2. J

    More weird looks then normal

    imported post well i have notice that i get lot more weird looks then i use to. i then realized it might be because i have changed how i carry my glock. I am a south paw so i have in the past had it on my left side but as of late i have moved it to my right side allowing me to cross draw. i...
  3. J

    University mall movie theater

    imported post I am going to the University mall movie theater, the new one thats not in the mall. and was wondering if it is (no gun) posted? thanks
  4. J

    10mm Brass Score

    imported post Well i keep my eyes out for reloading supples in the local adds. I came across a reloading add saying thy had a ton of stuff to sell. So last night i emailed them and said i was looking for 10MM stuff. he said he would pull out the 10 stuff for me. well i showed up and he had a...
  5. J


    imported post Well i finely decided to go for broke and get into reloading. I'm not going all fancy with a Dillon press and what not. i want to put together a reloading kit that i can put in a backpack so i can hall it to the range or what not. i live in an apartment and don't really want to...
  6. J

    I was Asked to leave

    imported post I donate plasma 2 time a week and i always open carry. The first time i went i did not carry just because i was late and i wanted to scope out the place and see if thy had any signsand what not. the cost looked clear so next time i carry-ed. I'm sitting there waiting and filling...
  7. J

    How far away is it

    imported post how many of you keep your gun at arms reach all the time. out of a 25 hr day what percent of that is spent more then an arms reach awayfrom your gun. I have been thinking about this as i can honestly say my gun is with in an arms reach 24hrs a day. when i sleep it goes under the...
  8. J

    Provo Towne Centre - gun or no gun

    imported post Thinking of going to theprovo towne center mall and was wondering if thy had a ban on guns yet. thanks
  9. J

    What would you do.

    imported post To start the story my friends and I went out to the bar on sat night. Just had fun and a few beers. Got back home around 2AM Sunday morning. Parked the car and went inside and went to bed. Around 7:30 there was a knock at the door and it was our next door nabor. He told me my car...
  10. J

    2 actions from firing the gun

    imported post I have often wondered how this could be interpreted. I had always been told that it means no round in the chamber. so the 2 actions are racking a round and pulling the trigger. so if pulling the trigger is one action then any other action you HAVE to do before that should count as...
  11. J

    Going to WA on a trip.

    imported post I live in Utah and over Christmas i will be flying to Washington (my home state, Born and raised)and like always will have my gun that i open carry. my question is this, are there open carry laws much different then Utah's. Utah: Open carry is legal with out a permit if it takes 2...
  12. J

    I'm Back, YAY

    imported post Well guys and girls I'm back. that deserves a dancing banana :celebrate. last time i was on here was Apr 2008. at that time i had a XD45 and proudly carried it everywhere. but for some reasonsi sold it, one being that i was not super happy with it and i wanted a different caliber...
  13. J

    New Web Site.

    imported post I put this web site together tonight and thought i would post it so you can check it out. i plan on keeping it updated and getting a forum and chatroom going. Just thought it would be fun. Im thinking about having some shirts made with Utah Open Carry on it :D. what you think...
  14. J

    Should I OC or not

    imported post to start out i do OC every day. if im awake i OC :D. but my question is this. im starting a new job on monday (tomarow) at a machean shop and i will be walking there as its onley 1.4 miles away from my place. i dont like walking anywhere and not have a gun. what should i do? if i...
  15. J

    My XD-45 mods

    imported post i just got done painting my XD45 and thought i would post some pictures of it. i filled in the words on each side of the slider with white fingernail polish. i also polished the barrel and jewelled it. what you think. i will be packing it when i go to salt lake for the get to...
  16. J

    Im new at this

    imported post this is my first post here so i thought i would say Hi first and my name is Jarod Todd. I OC and dont have a CWP. from reading and talking to a cop im lawfuly allowed to OC unloaded (chamber unloaded). am i right, what would i say if im confronted and asked about OC. as my first...