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  1. KBCraig

    Best Self Defense Ammo?

    Pssshh... have you ever seen an 8" in direct fire mode?
  2. KBCraig

    Best Self Defense Ammo?

    The answer to that is the same as the answer to "the best pistol", or "the best caliber". The answer is: the one that you feel comfortable always carrying, can practice with regularly, and always hit your target.
  3. KBCraig

    President Biden's nomination, David Chipman, is pulled.

    Chipman was a trial balloon; a distraction. He was the feint that sets up a sucker punch. Look at the timing. Withdrawal of Chipman's nomination in the morning, and a new outrage from the vaccine mandate that same afternoon. The next nominee will be just as bad, or even worse, but they won't...
  4. KBCraig

    Speaking of forum admin issues: map updates

    As far as I can tell, Mike Stollenwerk has disappeared. John Pierce is still in control, but is an absentee landlord. John collects the checks and does minimal maintenance, but doesn't carry how much the property gets trashed.
  5. KBCraig

    Speaking of forum admin issues: map updates

    I'm aware. It's a shame.
  6. KBCraig

    Speaking of forum admin issues: map updates

    With Tennessee and Texas, we're now up to 21 constitutional carry states. The OCDO map shows 11 gold states. :/ https://opencarry.org/maps/constitutional-carry/
  7. KBCraig

    Texas Constitutional Carry H. B. No. 1927 effective 1 September 2021

    Especially in Texas, which has tons of restrictions.
  8. KBCraig

    Traveling cross country while open carrying.

    I'm not sure what you're disagreeing with. The 1A is also a civil right incorporated by 14A, but that doesn't mean you are free to set up your soapbox in Walmart. It doesn't mean that you can practice Santeria in a Methodist church (private property that invites the public). Both are rights...
  9. KBCraig

    Traveling cross country while open carrying.

    No. YOU are not allowed to violate the property owner's rights. If you want to do whatever you want on the property, then buy it. As long as someone else owns it, you play by their rules or you don't go at all.
  10. KBCraig

    Got the traveling bug...

    Ah, so you're an actual rider. :) My family has a history with street rods and rod runs. One of my favorite signs was this: "If you see this car on a trailer, call 9-1-1 because it's been stolen!"
  11. KBCraig

    Be the first to call the cops.

    He has no more authority here than you or any other participant, so do what you want.
  12. KBCraig

    Update on St. Louis couple

    A couple of trial lawyers should know that they can't successfully sue for the return of property that they knowingly agreed to forfeit as part of a plea deal. Should know, but their legal acumen is already suspect when it comes to anything beyond ambulance chasing and nuisance-suing their...
  13. KBCraig

    Does the Second Amendment Protect Non-Citizens? Judge Menashi finds that Heller limited the Second Amendment to "citizens."

    Like the rest of the BoR, the 2nd is a restriction on government. It does not give a right to anyone.
  14. KBCraig

    Does the Second Amendment Protect Non-Citizens? Judge Menashi finds that Heller limited the Second Amendment to "citizens."

    Judge Menashi invoked "at the time of the founding", so he should have spent more time examining what it meant to be a citizen at that time, and what it took to be considered one. One of the complaints in the Declaration of Independence was that the King would not allow free and unrestricted...
  15. KBCraig


    Charleston is passing their own rules. http://www.thegunmag.com/charleston-sc-council-doesnt-like-open-carry/
  16. KBCraig

    Time to retry constitutional carry bill?

    I doubt the LA governor promised anything. Those who flipped felt comfortable voting for passage of the original bill knowing that Edwards would veto, and LA had never before had a veto override session. All of a sudden they had to choose again, and the police industry brought all the pressure...
  17. KBCraig

    Time to retry constitutional carry bill?

    Louisiana passed constitutional carry by veto-proof majorities. Gov. Edwards vetoed the bill, prompting a veto override session. Three Republicans and one Democrat flipped their votes, and the override failed.
  18. KBCraig

    Gun laws barring sales to people under 21 are unconstitutional, appeals court rules

    Compared to the status quo, it is a significant victory. That doesn't mean there isn't still more work to be done, and more victories to claim.
  19. KBCraig

    congrats to the citizens of Tennessee

    Tennessee will still be a legal minefield, and has different standards for licensed and unlicensed folks. https://www.wate.com/news/where-is-it-legal-to-carry-a-gun-in-tn-without-a-permit-what-tbi-says/