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  1. OC Freedom

    Re-write of the 2nd Amendment

    Does anyone know what grade, school district, and state this Bull**** belongs too?
  2. OC Freedom

    Idaho Gun Rally

    On September 8th there will be a Gun Rally at the Idaho State Capitol. The hope is to have five thousand gun owners to attend this rally on Saturday. Here is more information if you are interested in attending. https://www.facebook.com/events/158023771551062/
  3. OC Freedom

    National Reciprocity Now Poisoned With Gun Control!

    Greg Pruett, president of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance posted a video on National Reciprocity and the gun control bill that was attached to it. In its current form it needs to be killed.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2abigggLYE
  4. OC Freedom

    H.R. 3999 Gun Control Legislation

    This bill is so vague it's a major blow to our firearm freedoms. Sootch00 from youtube has good info on this issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLw2iN1dENw&feature=youtu.be
  5. OC Freedom

    Clark County Open Carry

    Last week I had business in Vancouver, Wash. and drove from the Treasure Valley (Boise area) to said location by way of I-84 through Oregon. I had no issues in Oregon, I just made sure to cross to the Washington side at Hood River to avoid Portland and Multnomah County. While in Vancouver, I...
  6. OC Freedom

    Open carry ban in all 50 states?

    This has to be a hoax http://associatedmediacoverage.com/new-federal-regulation-prevents-open-carry-of-firearms-in-all-50-states/
  7. OC Freedom

    Matt Damon, gun grabber

    Matt Damon at the Meridian, Idaho premiere for Jason Bourne. Jason is not just greeted by fans, but by protesters. Matt's cousin who supports open carry also interviews the protesters. Enjoy the Vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aO1ZbQFZDY
  8. OC Freedom

    I-1491 Gun confiscation without being convicted

    It appears Washington citizens will now have their guns taken without being charged of any crime. When this law takes effect next year, be careful when open carrying, for someone might decide to report that you are a threat to society. Yes, it's Washington and the voters will pass this...
  9. OC Freedom

    Permitless carry action alert 3-24-16

    From the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance IMMEDIATE ACTION ALERT!!!!!!!!!! We need you all to ACT RIGHT NOW! We are asking that all Idaho gun owners who want to see SB 1389 passed into law immediately call their legislators and House and Senate leadership and demand that the legislature not...
  10. OC Freedom

    Bloomberg fighting to stop Idaho Permitless Carry

    It appears that Bloomberg and his minions are doing all they can to convince Gov. Otter to veto this bill SB 1389. If you live in Idaho, now is the time to call the Governor's office in favor of this bill. Idaho Second Amendment Alliance 41 mins · SB 1389, Constitutional Carry, was...
  11. OC Freedom

    State Rankings by Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence

    I was thinking about the Guns and Ammo state rankings that they published recently and how it was in my opinion very biased on certain criteria and open carry appeared to be dismissed from consideration. So the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence hates every pro-gun freedom from OC/CC to high...
  12. OC Freedom

    Warning to Gun-Owners: Cross this bridge and go to jail

    Excellent video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjwGCnfVu-w
  13. OC Freedom

    Oregon may honor concealed handgun licenses from other states

    If this bill becomes law, it is a good start heading in the right direction for Oregon. Oregonians need something positive in the gun rights front since losing the battle on gun registration or known as (universal background checks)...
  14. OC Freedom

    web forums threatened by new Obama regulation

    Obama, what a beep, beep and beeeeeeeep. We will have to be very careful of what is said here and other pro-gun sites if this happens. This type of crap just never ends. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/nra-gun-blogs-videos-web-forums-threatened-by-new-obama-regulation/article/2565762
  15. OC Freedom

    Open Carry Idaho Report

    I thought the Idaho section should have a thread listing your open carry experiences during your daily doings, so here goes mine. Since March when weather permitted I have been back to open carrying and nothing has happened, I mean zero comments, or any extreme reaction to my open carry. I am...
  16. OC Freedom

    Nevada concealed carry Reciprocity change

    The last I heard the Nevada Senate passed bill 175 on March 25 and that the bill would recognize more permits from other states. Does anyone know what's happening with this bill proposal?
  17. OC Freedom

    Fake gun shop video

    Crime committed? Let's see your FFL please. http://www.examiner.com/article/fake-gun-shop-video-raises-questions-about-truth-compliance-with-laws
  18. OC Freedom

    A Secret Committee Stalls Constitutional Carry In Idaho

    A good article on the BS that is going on at the Idaho Capitol in regards to Constitutional carry. http://www.ammoland.com/2015/03/idaho-constitutional-carry-and-a-secret-committee-on-gun-law/#axzz3TzudrAwL
  19. OC Freedom

    Are sites like this one in danger of net nuetrality

    Obamanet http://video.foxnews.com/v/4080808924001/internet-on-the-road-to-becoming-obamanet/?#sp=show-clips
  20. OC Freedom

    Are more people open carrying in your state?

    To all members; do you perceive more people in your state are open carrying, no change in open carry, or a decrease in open carry?