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    Live in TN and have TN HCP: any need for a UT permit?

    I got my UT permit several years ago when I lived in AL. Then it was a good idea given the number of states that would not recognize the AL permit. Now, I live in TN and have my TN HCP (or whatever it's called). My UT permit is expiring this month. Is there any good reason to renew my UT...
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    Very OC friendly resturant - Kelso, TN

    Uncle J's Seafood and More in Kelso, TN. Right on Hwy 64, about 10-15 miles east of Fayetteville, TN, about 45 minutes northeast of Huntsville, AL. Went there with the wife this evening, first time I cc'd in like forever (we were supposed to go with a couple friends but they backed out). We...
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    Article by self defense expert: Open Carry Opens Opportunity for Problems

    Open Carry Opens Opportunity for Problems "I often get asked by students and clients my opinion on open carrying of a firearm in Alabama, and my responses are usually the same, “Expect to get a negative response from some, expect to get asked to leave some places of business, and expect the...
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    Had lunch with 3 LEO's and both my wife and I got detained

    Took our dog to the vet - again - for her ACL/LCL/ALCU/LSD/whatever surgery for the umteenth time. Said they had to do some work on her (drain the surgery site), could we go run some errands and come back in an hour. Happened before, prolly happen again, no big surprise there. So we decided...
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    "No Guns Allowed" sign at the Madison Texaco on Old Madison Pike and Shelton Road

    "No Guns Allowed" sign at the Madison Texaco on Old Madison Pike and Shelton Road Since we moved from Madison, I hadn't been to this Texaco for several months. It's where I've gotten the vast majority of my gas and diesel the 20 years I lived in Madison. I've open carried in their for at...
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    OC Holster for Sig P226?

    I've been OCing my S&W 329PD (.44 Mag) for about 3 years now, but now I'd like to start carrying my Sig P226 again. I haven't carried that gun since the early '90's when I got my Glock 23. Nostalgia, old memories, don't know why, I just do. In any event, I need a slip on, clamp on, paddle...