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  1. Lord Sega

    Oregon carry (OC/CC) at protests / rallys / marches, can police legally prevent?

    For any 1A get-together, but using the recent event in Portland as an example: Portland Patriot Prayer gets a permit for a rally / protest / march. You want a peacful event, but you know counter-protesters, possibly armed, will also show up. Portland Patriot Prayer voluntarily disarm at the...
  2. Lord Sega

    OC at Rose City Comic Con @ Oregon Convention Center

    I've searched the OCDO site, but did not find any current info. Rose City Comic Con (10-11 Sept 2016) is in the Oregon Convention Center. The Oregon Convention Center web page states that it is "... owned and operated by Metro and managed through the Metropolitan Exposition Recreation...
  3. Lord Sega

    Fed law broken? Katie Couric Ms. Soechtig "Under the Gun"

    Here's the link to (I believe) is the first article about Couric and friends breaking Fed laws. Ammoland LINK Below I have merged info from several different sites, I believe it is correct, but feel free to correct me. The illegal purchase is a felony for up to 5 years and a fine (x4) 18...
  4. Lord Sega

    Houston Livestock Show Bans Carry

    LINK So Texas, what does the law say about this (old law, new 1 Jan law, and State Preemption)? Public property, but private (tickets to enter) event... does preepmtion apply?
  5. Lord Sega

    Masked men, fake guns and real fear: How police avoided disaster at Lloyd Center

    Article in the Oregonian: LINK Here's what I posted there. Looking for OCDO insight. The problem with this police encounter... there were no laws being broken. (Note, just my analysis, I am not a lawyer.) How they were dressed, not illegal. Walking around in public, not illegal. Carrying toy...
  6. Lord Sega

    Taurus Class Action

    I happened across this Taurus Class Action, just passing on the website link. LINK to file claim From the website: "This lawsuit is about alleged safety defects in the following Taurus-branded firearms: PT-111 Millennium; PT-132 Millennium; PT-138 Millennium; PT-140 Millennium; PT-145...
  7. Lord Sega

    Man with a rifle near school (Clasop County, Oregon)

    LINK to posting on Clatsop County Sheriff's Office Facebook page Not much in the way of details, and from Scott Wintermute's apology reply post it sounds like he consented to the encounter. But, he was legally carrying the rifle, in an OC state, not in a city that bans loaded carry, not...
  8. Lord Sega

    Oregon State Fair - current rules

    For those interested: LINK in pdf From the OSF webpage main page under Business Center / Rules and Policies. Edit: Any stories about carrying in the Oregon State Fair in the last few years?
  9. Lord Sega

    4th amendment question on Freddie Gray

    My question for lawyers / LEOs (I am not either one) referring to the stop and arrest only… 4th Amendment / Terry Stop: What was the police’s reasonable articulate suspicion (RAS) for the stop in the first place? What crime did they suspect that Mr. Gray had / was / was about to commit? From...
  10. Lord Sega

    Funny of the day, Joe Biden sings...

    Joe Biden sings... Buy a shotgun
  11. Lord Sega

    OC outside Fed building - discussion about INSIDE a Fed Bldg.

    Article LINK The story in itself is interesting, but when I followed the article's link to 18 U.S. Code § 930 to verify Mr. Bosworth was indeed in the clear I noticed something... Question for lawyers: from the article link to 18 U.S. Code § 930... "(d) Subsection (a) shall not apply to—"...
  12. Lord Sega

    Flare gun question, inserts

    In a conversation the other day, a friend who works on a fishing boat mentioned that he has a flare gun that has inserts that allow for shotgun shell or pistol ammo to be used. It's marked with www.kennesawcannon.com GW3296 How would the rules / laws work on something like this? Only becomes a...
  13. Lord Sega

    Newport firearm buyback / turn-in 17 Jan 2015

    LINK to The Central Oregon Coast Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) announcement "On January 17, 2015 from 10 am to 2 pm, people may turn in unwanted firearms at a Gun Turn-In being held at the Newport City Hall, 169 SW Coast Hwy, Police Department Entrance." "All weapons...
  14. Lord Sega

    AR-15 Freedom Rifle Raffle for heart transplant help

    Top Shot Dustin Ellermann is helping with a "AR-15 Freedom Rifle Raffle" for a member of his community needing financial help for a heart transplant & pump. Get in on this! 5 tickets for $20. Paypal to henrysheart45@yahoo.com LINK I have donated, and have promised to donate my weekly Texas...
  15. Lord Sega

    NY - criminal possesion Ex-Knicks point guard

    ARTICLE LINK So basically, an upset soon-to-be Ex reports him for having a pistol in their home... sounds like vindictive divorce leverage. BUT, here's my question... shouldn't she be charged also? He may have bought and owned the pistol, but if it is in their home and she knew about it and...
  16. Lord Sega

    Oregon Zoo (sort of OC ) arrest 3 Feb 2014

    I did search and did not see this already on OC.org. News article is dated 3 Feb 2014. LINK to local news KATU Not a lot of info, and the interweb doesn't have much more about the incident or any court actions / dismissal / plea bargain... nada. Synopsis: 1) MWAG call for guy sitting in his...
  17. Lord Sega

    Double barreled AR-15 ?!?

    Silver Shadow has a double barreled AR-15, two barrels that are fired simultaneously, essentially double tapping on a single trigger pull. LINK First, yes/cool/want OR no/horrible/no way ??? Comments? Second, I would not call it an automatic, in that it does not continue to fire until the mag...
  18. Lord Sega

    Black Friday OC

    I've OC'd while shopping on Black Friday the last two years, in Portland, Oregon no less (loaded, CHL) ... no problems, no confrontations, just a couple of double-takes. Just wondering if anyone else braves the crowds of Black Friday w/OC. I may avoid the crowds this year, just too crazy for...
  19. Lord Sega

    Looking for a different OC pistol... advice?

    I currently OC a Beretta 92FS in a Serpa retention holster. I like my Beretta 92FS, it's what I trained on in the military, same reason I plan on getting a AR-15 style instead of an AK or some other. What I'm looking for is a compact (but probably not a sub-compact) pistol that is smaller &...
  20. Lord Sega

    Local incident news article question

    LINK Short version: Guy violates stalking order (is that different than a restraining order?) by going to ex-girlfriends house, yelling at her, and driving through her yard, gets arrested back at his home (second-degree criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, stalking order violation, violation...