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    A few years have passed ...

    ... since I stood before a legislative committee and reminded them that they swore in God's name to support our Constitutions. They threatened to have me removed from the meeting for simply asking out loud, "What about our Constitutions?" as they violated their oath of office and continued to...
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    HB12 regular session 2016 ... wolf in sheep's clothing

    Currently, our state constitution does not recognize pistol permit laws. That would change if Mack Butler's bill HB12 passes and the people of Alabama amend our constitutions as the bill proposes...
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    Supreme Court of Alabama aquits Jason Tulley

    The Supreme Court of Alabama has aquitted Jason Tulley on charges of carrying a firearm onto property not his own or under his control. The state law on which the municipal ordinance he was charged with violating was based was deemed unconstitutional by the Court. Link to the opinion that was...
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    Message to John Pierce in reference to his opinon on proposed amendment no. 3, Nov. 4

    John Pierce, I read your answer to the questions you received about proposed amendment No. 3 which would change the current language of our Declaration of Rights. I have a couple of questions of my own to ask you, since you have weighed in favor of the changes. 1. The Declaration of Rights...
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    Proposed constitutional amendment No. 3 on Nov. ballot

    I will be voting "NO" on a proposed constitutional amendment that would add language recognizing restrictions on our right to bear arms to our Declaration of Rights: AS PROPOSED by Amendment No. 3 on the November ballot: Article I, Section 26 (a) Every citizen has a fundamental right to...
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    Laws of Alabama are subject to the Constitution of Alabama

    imported post I have read with interest the threads about the laws of our state. Those laws are subject to the Constitution of Alabama. Every person who becomes a peace officer in Alabama must swear to defend the Constitution of Alabama. Those who violate the rights of our citizens by denying...