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  1. solus

    NC OC experience reports

    been OC'n throughout the tarheel, the buckeye, the mountain, and the bluegrass states w/o incident... life is good...
  2. solus

    The Right to Defy Criminal Demands: The Duties to Retreat and to Comply with Negative Demands. Eugene Volokh at Volokh Conspiracy.

    dougie, truly quite impressed your post seems to imply you personally "...just finished up..." now the cited material concerning use of 'deadly force/duty to retreat' is going to have what affect on the gun carrying public with the author's commentary, e.g., "Craig tells Danielle: 1. "leave...
  3. solus

    School being held liable for their inactions which resulted in school shooting.

    March 2, 2020, BROWN CENTER CHALKBOARD: For decades, the percentage of 18-24 year-olds who completed high school with a regular diploma or GED hovered around 85%. "Between 2001 and 2016, the percentage of 18-24 year-olds with a credential increased to 93%... Because few close observers seem to...
  4. solus

    School being held liable for their inactions which resulted in school shooting.

    jmmemoli, et al., let's quantify a few things from your post....\ 1. "Students who are obvious dangers and criminals..." so sally & larry community educator is now mandated to make a judicial determination based strictly on their redd'n/wright'n/add'n educational background regarding which of...
  5. solus

    Disallowing of OC at city council meetings & city offices

    [emphasis mine] SB 5568 - 2021-22 Concerning preemption of municipal laws restricting the open carry of weapons. Brief Summary of Bill Permits local governments to enact laws and ordinances restricting the open carry of weapons at any public meeting; any building or facility owned or operated...
  6. solus

    What happened to this group

    alas rentamedic, as pointed out by Firearms Iinstructor -- since your last posting, 11 years of progress in open carry education and changes in State's legislation for this nation's citizens, mainly propagated by this forums like minded conversations, open carry activities has become quite...
  7. solus

    NC Resident with another state’s permit

    as I previously stated, "[14-402] the NC privilege card is but one of the mandatory documents YOU MUST present..." So BC, i am sorry you got confused w/my my previous post to the OP especially since the OP specifically stated they do/did not unequivocally want a NC privilege carry card, so i...
  8. solus

    NC Resident with another state’s permit

    personally been OC'g throughout the tarheel state in various & varied establishments for over 12 years & stopped 'several' times as well as been first on scene at 'several' major motor vehicle accidents and not ever experienced an incident... my own rear-end accident on I-95, hollered at young...
  9. solus

    NC Resident with another state’s permit

    certainly... course you wouldn't know that you must immediately notify LE and present id & privilege card... or the other nuances of the NC laws of deadly force... oh wait, more importantly...[14-402] the NC privilege card is but one of the mandatory documents YOU MUST present if you wish to...
  10. solus

    NC Resident with another state’s permit

    where do you believe you MAY be settling in the tarheel state if you do move & there is no reason to run through the goat-rope you are describing first, once you find a permanent addy to hang your hat, visit dmv and change your DL & vehicle reg...you're now a tarheel resident. second, find an...
  11. solus

    best for you during the upcoming holidays & into the new year

    best to everyone and may your holidays be filled with family, friends, food, & merriment... [hopefully your gifts are not stuck due to the shipping issues nor expected from QVC which had a main distribution point destroyed by fire last weekend] C H E E R s
  12. solus

    WA CPL going to Utah.

    golddigger, guess you missed this caveat on the concealed carry site you cited...... "We try to keep the information on this page as up to date as possible but due to changing laws it is your responsibility to verify all information. The information on this page is for informational purposes...
  13. solus

    WA CPL going to Utah.

    Seriona your Washington privilege card is recognized by UTAH wy/or/nv/co not recognized... https://handgunlaw.us/states/washington.pdf
  14. solus

    so confused...i have no when/where background on this whatsoever...

    OCDO's caption on SOCIAL LOUNGE: "Really want to talk about your new car or the movie you saw last night? This is where such topics should go. All other forum rules still apply here including the prohibition on discussing long gun carry, bashing other gun groups or LEOs and personal attacks."...
  15. solus

    so confused...i have no when/where background on this whatsoever...

    thanks for the search and feedback... the video stated it was posted 5 hours previously and i couldn't find hide nor hair of anything
  16. solus

    Rittenhouse prosecutor Assistant District Attorney KRAUSE mentions John Pierce.

    dougie, your post has has been reported for violating forum rule 6... https://xf.opencarry.org/index.php?help/rules/ further there are several john pierces practicing law... https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/08/politics/john-pierce-capitol-riot-lawyer-covid/index.html...
  17. solus

    Leaked NRA Recordings From 1999 Reveal Leadership Referred To Members As ‘Hillbillies and Idiots’

    one presumes dougie, you are referring to the Dickey Amendment which did not specifically prohibit the CDC from using their government funding for advocating or promoting gun control? dougie, as for your use of the initials GOSC you are of course referring to General Officer(s) Steering...
  18. solus

    well a quandary...

    ya know kb, just searched ARRL's by-laws & articles of association, as well as name searched the site and not one word on their site regarding carrying firearms... hummm...