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  1. Stryker

    Interesting Stay in Albuquerque Today

    Driving to Texas, I am overnighting in Albuquerque tonight at the Fairfield Inn. I parked and proceeded into the hotel to check in. The lobby was quite a sight as it appears that the NRA National Police Shooting Champtionship is in town. It looked like 5.11 was having a convention at my hotel...
  2. Stryker

    South Sound OC Report........

    Yesterday I ran a few errands that included the Barber (Meridian and 160th), Wallyworld and Fred Meyers. Usual uneventful stuff. This morning I flew down to Vegas for work. I only OC'd to the valet parking and secured the Glock in my baggage. I did find out that the magnetometers do not like...
  3. Stryker

    South Hill Mall Verizon Wireless store yesterday 11-31-09

    imported post I was having a rather frustrating interaction with the staff at South Hill Mall's Verizon store yesterday at about 1pm. Another customer was concluding his business and was starting to leave when the staff commented about his gun. One employee clarified for the other that...
  4. Stryker

    Air travel with your sidearm

    imported post I am curious if anyone has experience with air travel and checking your sidearm as luggage. I travel very frequently, and am comfortable with the process of declaring a firearm for TSA when checking my luggage. My routine is to pack one of my weapons at home with some ammunition...