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    Steak 'n' Shake closed all (?) locations in SW Ohio

    This may be bigger than just my area, from a couple of stories from other regions I dug up this morning. It would appear--granted, from what seems like tight-lipped corporate spokepersons quoted--that the company no longer wants to run the restaurants themselves, in favor of making them all...
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    Cincinnati city council bans "bump stocks".

    Please allow me a little leeway in posting about this, since the ordinance involves long guns, although not in terms of carrying them. Basically, Ohio has statewide preemption of local gun laws, including those involving ammunition, parts, etc. I think Cincinnati is trying to do an end around by...
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    11/28 "Active shooter(s)" Ohio state University

    It's early and reports are widely varying, but as many as eight people were wounded by one or more "active shooters" and/or possibly the attack involved a "machete". recent update states there is one assailant in custody and a search is on for two more "persons of interest". To make sure we...
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    Happy birthday Grapeshot!

    Apologies if I'm not supposed to start such threads, but I'll gladly take the wrist slap or time out for sending best birthday wishes along to certain favorite members of this here place.
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    Ohio House Bill 518

    The gist of this proposed legislation is to allow elected officials of Ohio and its various political subdivisions to carry firearms in government buildings, as long as they have a concealed carry license. I hope this is just a door-opening ploy to get less resistance out of the lefty Reps and...
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    History question for you Hoosiers:

    Or anybody else who knows. When did Indiana first start issuing carry licenses? i know it was along time back, but after checking several sources I've come up stumped about the year. Thanks
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    Happy birthday Grapeshot!

    We'll see if he reads ALL sections of the board by posting this greeting in here...
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    9/11 remembrance lunch at Clear Channel today.

    Sorry about the short notice I forgot about this. Clear Channel (parent company of WEBN and their fireworks show) is having a shindig out in front of their building today. A tribute to military, first responders etc. in the form of a free picnic type lunch. Think it'll be a good time for OC...
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    I open carried at 'Occupy Cincinnati' rally.

    Um, okay, that's sorta misleading. Wasn't there to take part in the quasi-protest or whatever it is. Saturday I was in downtown Cincy sharing the sidewalks where the marchers were marching, and at the town square they stopped at, whilst open carrying. (Me, not them! ;)) It raised a few of their...
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    OC meetup Cincy area 8/28/10 1pm

    This is mentioned in the recent pages of the 'Open Carry Ohio' thread but thought it deserved its own little writeup: Skyline Chili 4901 Vine St. St. Bernard Ohio 45217 1pm on Saturday 8/28/10
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    Kudos to Sherif Nau and Centre County!

    imported post Since word is that starting next year the process for getting a Pennsylvania carry license will be somewhat onerous for us non-residents, I stopped procrastinating and sent off to Centre County a couple of weeks ago. Downloaded the form, filled it out, sent it and the other needed...
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    Open carrier S. Detroit St. Xenia 11/16 @ 5pm

    imported post Hello. Was returning home from the range yesterday and spotted an open carrier headed across the street in Xenia, south of downtown. Didn't look like a PD or security officer rig, so perhaps it was a "unicorn". Wish I saw more of this going on across Ohio btw. Was the person I...
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    OC at Roy Rogers restaurant 10/5/07

    imported post Hello. As an Ohio CHL licensee my normal method of carry is concealed, but have nothing against open carry, as long as we do it in such a way as to set a good example for those who we encounter along the way. Found myself passing by the last remaining Roy Rogers restaurant in...