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    Lakewood Open Carry, Experiences?

    Hi All. I'm out in Colorado now, and unfortunately my roommates are gun fearing liberals who trust the flimsy front door to protect them, and they seem to think that legal guns are more likely to kill them than a criminal. They even tried at first to have a 'resolution' of how to react in...
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    Trying to figure KS OC out

    So i rolled in to Kansas and ive been open carrying my whole journey. But i read that the OC gold star start july 1st which is a coupla days away. So im at a QT holding in my long held i n need to pee because i dunno if its ok to wear my pistol inside. I just rolled in tjru kansas city missouri...
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    Armed Citizens: obligations? training? appropriate actions?

    What is the armed citizens course of action when they are at the scene or on scene while an armed and/or violent criminal is perpetrating some evil? What are the obligations and responsibilities of an armed citizen? I would think, 'do not harm innocents, consider what is behind the target...
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    Crossing West Virginny - what are the OC prohibited places?

    Hello, I was wondering if any West Virginians could help point out places where Open Carry of a loaded, holstered handgun is prohibited/restricted? I am considering riding from VA along Route 64 to cross to KY. All I've heard so far is that Charleston prohibits OC - (Might they give me...
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    Do you open carry grandfathered magazines?

    Since every "high capacity" magazine in possession at the time the Evil-2013-Legislation was passed is grandfathered in and is legal to possess, (and further, that the burden is on the state to disprove anyone's statement that their magazine is grandfathered) Do you (or someone who isn't you)...
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    Is Open Carry Welcome In LGS?

    Is it acceptable in OC friendly states, to OC in to your local gun store? In NJ there were signs at some of the Range/LGS "Keep your hands where we can see them/all guns must be cased" etc. Not at all places, but at a few that come to mind. I was just curious if say, I could walk in to a gun...
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    Experiences with Ballistic Vests and Wearable Cameras.

    I am interested in experiences that members may have had with open carrying and wearing a ballistic vest. I'm struggling through all the different information out there about where it supposedly is and isn't legal and I don't have a clear understanding yet. But I am interested and would...
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    Am I extreme to want to OC?

    This may be a silly post but I was hoping for some perspective. I am moving from a very strict state to a relatively free staye. My coworker asked me about this and one of my reasons mentioned was the ability to exercise my right to open carry. He said that this was obsessive and extreme...
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    Missouri Open Carry while driving through

    Hello. I am interested in the current state of Open Carry in Missouri. I am considering an Open Carry moving trip which may cross through Missouri. Do you live in Missouri? Do you Open Carry while driving? Experiences? I've read that the state has a patchwork of different laws on the...
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    Very anti OC website "ActiveResponseTraining" dot net

    Has anyone here stumbled on to the blog/website ActiveResponseTraining dot net? I was trying to find if there was any known event where an OC'er had their gun grabbed from them, as people often parrot to me when they are defending their opposition to OC and this site came up. it is definitely...
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    what makes open carry a crime in NJ?

    What laws make open carry in public criminal in NJ? Is open carry a crime in NJ? I hear much about our restrictive laws but haven't found what makes it a crime here.
  12. D

    Double Open Carry/Double Carry?

    I have never really read or heard much anything either way about this. But may a person in an OC state carry two pistols? For instance the way a cowboy action shooter might have two revolvers and holsters. I'm not thinking too much about the actual pro's and con's of the issue, just whether...
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    Travelling from the land of persecution to Colorado

    Hello. I am from the terrible (for firearms enthusiasts) state NJ. I am leaving to live in a state with more reasonable, liberty respecting laws. I am traveling across country soon and I was hoping to be able to OC as much as possible along the way, maybe continuously once I get to the first...