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    encounter with columbia co sheriff

    was sunday of opening weekend of deer hunting i was driving out to my spot not paying enough attention to my speed since i dont have cruise and notice cop come over hill he turned around and pulled me over .. i had my 357 on my hip in oc holster and my HK(loaded uncased) under my jacket on the...
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    next meet n greet around madison

    was wondering when the next m&g was or if anyone had one planned i know there is usually a "monthly" at ellas but havnt seen much of any lately
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    only carrying when you "need" it

    i know of some people who only carry when they think they will need it now maybe im just ocd but i carry mind all the time - i cant at work for 2 reasons its posted and being a mechaninc it would get ruined - but i leave it in truck when i get to work put holster on before i leave holster up as...
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    visiting/ passing thru in a few weeks

    i will be visiting / passing through in a few weeks i am from wi i have ccw card here but i know its not honored there i have done some searching it looks as if im ok to open carry as long as im not in the car ??? any help is appreciated
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    visiting/ passing thru in a few weeks

    i am from wisconsin i do have a ccw license and i will be traveling through wondering what your laws are etc any help is greatly appreciated
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    will be visiting i a month or 2 and want to know the laws

    i will be visiting in a month or 2 and i would like to know the laws if anyone has a link or some other way of posting laws that would be great thanks
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    signage at malls in madison

    i was at east town the other day before i got my license so i wasnt carrying but i always watch for signs - i noticed as i went in the food court entrance it was posted - but if i went in the barns and nobel it wasnt posted i also didnt see anything from barns and nobel into the mall so is this...
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    starting a meet and greet in madison area ???

    if anyone would be interested i woulndt mind getting together with a bunch of people and doing a meet and greet type thing like they have going on in delavan but closer to madison maybe one of the outlying towns or something??? again just an idea