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  1. HPmatt

    CNN Analyst Suggests Women Can’t Carry Guns Because They Wear Skirts, Dresses

    This is more of a concealed carry headline, but not only does OC come to mind, probably not in a ‘formal’ school environment, but it also brings back such fond memories discovering the OCDO thread of OC at the Nudist beach colony...
  2. HPmatt

    Guns & Gardens

    Was working on getting backyard pretty for spring and was OC over at Jackson's Lemmon Ave pottery. The nice Mexican guy helping me load up my car was the only one noticed OC. He thanked me for 'las armas' - showed me old scars on both sides of his mouth and back of his head where he was robbed...
  3. HPmatt

    Houston OC protest against Muslim Immigration Charity Event

    This article seems poorly written, but 2nd half mentions OC foes of Muslim Hijra Immigration to Houston. Was this the Asia Society of Texas, or what I assume (Houston) Interfaith Ministries? Other protestors just upset at Feds using taxpayer money to import majority of muslims from...
  4. HPmatt

    Gun hand injury -

    Recently I sustained a major cut of the tendon on little finger of my dominant hand - the right one - and wanted to solicit any (constructive) (or pertinent) input from the community on any unexpected issues that you might have experienced if a similar temporary incapacity. Surgery was...
  5. HPmatt

    VA House Candidate Jane Ditzmar - OCer tries to 'intimidate her'

    OK - so which one of you guys is this? VA-05 Fluvanna? http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2016/10/daniel-zimmerman/quote-day-78-7/ http://www.dailykos.com/story/2016/10/14/1582435/-Gun-toting-Trump-supporters-protest-at-office-of-Daily-Kos-candidate-Jane-Dittmar...
  6. HPmatt

    Concealed Carry dating site

    Should have a sub-section for those that like to carry in publick - like their cover photo. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/09/15/dating-site-concealed-carry-match-launches/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. HPmatt

    ME 2A ballot expansion of universal background checks and transfers?

    Like my post on NV - I joined emails for local DALLAS TX Moms against Guns. Got this notice today asking me to help call about ballot initiative in NV - but they also reference ME. You guys aware of this initiative? Local NRA notifying ME gun owners about the ballot threat? Sent from my...
  8. HPmatt

    Nevada 2A ballot restriction on Gun Transfers?

    Got on the mailing list of local Moms against Guns here in DALLAS. I would expect they are doing this in all other locations around the US too. Email today asking for my help to call/text people in NV to vote for Background checks for all gun transfers in NV. You guys heard about this...
  9. HPmatt

    WV Governor Race

    Came through Charleston WV this weekend omw back to Texas - saw a few 'Justice cares for WV' signs down from Chic-fil-a - Y'all think Jim w/b able to get a waiver for WV from EPA on coal? Also - how come Interstate around Charleston has tolls? Would have thought Byrd got enough $ from...
  10. HPmatt

    June 6 Prayers

    I want to thank all of the brave men that fought that day. http://dailysignal.com/2016/06/05/72nd-d-day-anniversary-all-who-serve-are-a-part-of-the-greatest-generation/ I look forward to my trip - next year - to visit graves of those that didn't make it back, and paying them my respect...
  11. HPmatt

    Brief History of Gun Control

    Not being 180 years old with a memory of all that went before now, I found this article on the history of various efforts to restrict 2A rights - gun control - interesting. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2016/04/dean-weingarten/a-brief-history-of-gun-control-in-the-united-states/ I like the...
  12. HPmatt

    NC-based The Fresh Market - GFZ

    I guess they don't like lead-based shopping? http://www.breitbart.com/2nd-amendment/2016/04/01/grocer-chain-caves-moms-demand-bans-guns-stores/ Bloomberg at work in progressive NC. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. HPmatt

    Swiss Gun articles

    Was perusing some Swiss websites and came across some interesting articles on how they Swiss are dealing with current conditions of Schengen open borders... Comments are cute and there are additional articles re: Swiss and guns at bottom of page...
  14. HPmatt

    Four Pro-Gun Senate Democrats Silent on Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee

    Interesting article from Red-state. "Sens. Joe Donnelly of Indiana, (202) 224-4814 Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, (202) 224-2043 Joe Manchin of West Virginia, 202-224-3954, and Jon Tester of Montana 202) 224-2644 voted with Republicans and against Obama’s 2013 efforts to overhaul the...
  15. HPmatt

    WaPo cries that Senate Republicans like Guns

    Mommies are crying... Deeds voted for expanded gun rights - Guess he wants to remain a Senator from Rockbridge/Bath Counties...
  16. HPmatt

    Louisville KY police say they are not in control of City

    Anyone in KY know about this 21 month old development? 100 to now 1,000 black school thugs rampaging in politically correct city? I assume the mayor and council are all democrats and are looking to FBI for guidance on they great job the Feds did for Baltimore and Ferguson MO. News to me...
  17. HPmatt

    Kalifornia to Regulate 'SmartPhones'

    I think this is the next wave or regulation to wash across the country. These things are so dangerous - think if there was someone below - he could have killed them...
  18. HPmatt

    Staunton High School teaching Islamic Calligraphy

    District of US Rep Goodlatte from Roanoke- the RINO point guy for writing new immigration laws to let in as many democrat-voting foreigners as possible. A year ago his Staunton office was quite unapologetic about 'the progress' he was working to implement. Folks in Lexington, Staunton and...
  19. HPmatt

    Hughes Springs Police Chief calls for US citizens to Arm

    When I worked for the East Texas steel mill we would fly in from Dallas and take our New York and European bankers to tour the mill. We would then take them to lunch in Hughes Springs at the Hickory Chip BBQ/Land Office/Gun store restaurant. You could buy a farm, a 38 and ammo, and a chopped...
  20. HPmatt

    US Rep Peter King and Sen Harry Reid working on Gun Ban

    After Nor'Easter Sandy it seems to me that King has gone off the deep end. Another datapoint that supports my hypothesis. According to this article I would venture to say membership in the NRA c/b considered by some Federal groups -e.g. Democrat House Members - t/b a right-wing organization...