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  1. Rusty Young Man

    Open Carry wedding in Arizona?

    OK, here goes: The GF and I have been tossing around ideas about what our wedding could be like, or rather what we would like it to be like. She knows how important the RKBA is to me as well as OC being an integral part of who I was when we met and who I am today. She actually suggested the...
  2. Rusty Young Man

    Antis trying to get rich again

    Antis at it again with their frivolous lawsuits and double-speak. If they can't get money going after the locked-up Colorado mass-murderer* and his family (they aren't rich, so why place the blame where it is due? :rolleyes:), then maybe they can go after the innocent manufacturers of inanimate...
  3. Rusty Young Man

    Contact AZ senators who scuttled SB 1257

    Posted on another forum, bringing it here in hopes more AZ voters see it here.
  4. Rusty Young Man

    Star Wars Day 2016

    Yep, May the Fourth be with you, my fellow OCers. Carry on, my friends.
  5. Rusty Young Man

    No reason to carry on campus?

    Figured I would start a thread like the one that has been cultivated by Protias in the Wisconsin sub forum (http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?80229-No-need-for-a-gun). HOWEVER, I hope this thread will exclusively focus on news articles and the like reporting attacks happening on...
  6. Rusty Young Man

    Gun-Toting Women Give Rise To Firearms Fashion Accessories

    Definitely biased, but heartening to know more women are joining the ranks of every day carry. http://www.npr.org/2016/01/27/464571529/gun-toting-women-give-rise-to-firearms-fashion-accessories
  7. Rusty Young Man

    Poetic Justice - Karma strikes - Antis getting a taste of their own medicine

    "Poetic Justice" - "Karma strikes" - or "Antis getting a taste of their own medicine" Alright folks, I figured we could start a thread about antis who are then easily preyed upon by the criminal element precisely BECAUSE of their anti-Rights stance. I was hoping we could stick to the following...
  8. Rusty Young Man

    Another anti gun "journalist" shows their ignorance (stupidity)

    Another anti shows their ignorance (stupidity?). In a world with the WWW at our fingertips, can she claim ignorance, or is she working hard to remain so (hence, stupidity)? http://www.slate.com/articles/double_x/doublex/2016/01/how_a_posse_of_moms_got_guns_banned_from_whole_foods.html And...
  9. Rusty Young Man

    A little, tiny, shred of hope for the antis?

    Found an article on an anti-Rights site where the author at least keeps a shred of objectivity and looks to what the numbers MAY say, vs what the antis WANT the numbers to say (and what they make the numbers say, even if the numbers say something else). Suicides, not murders, are what pad the...
  10. Rusty Young Man

    Dave Kopel nails it. Now, will the antis listen?

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2015/12/01/the-costs-and-consequences-of-gun-control/ All good points, however they may fall on deaf ears as the ones who should listen to this would rather dance in the still-warm blood of murder victims. :(
  11. Rusty Young Man

    Post-Thanksgiving OC lunch 2015!

    Alright, I know it has been a while since a lunch has been planned, so why not this weekend? Sorry for the late notice. :( Without further ado, here are the details. Who: All OCers, CCers, and assorted Freedom-loving individuals What: Phoenix OC lunch (Post-Thanksgiving) When: 2 pm Saturday...
  12. Rusty Young Man

    Short-notice 8th of March OC lunch

    EDIT (2015/03/05): NEW PLAN! Since it seems like attendance to an OC lunch on Sunday, the 8th of March in Avondale might be a bit low... revised plans have been made to work around people's schedules et al.: Sorry about the late post.:( B]Who:[/B] All Freedom-loving individuals What: A...
  13. Rusty Young Man

    RIP Mr. Spock - Leonard Nimoy dies at 83

    Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015 http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/leonard-nimoy-‘star-trek’s’-spock-dies-at-83/ar-BBi2SNv?srcref=rss "Leonard Nimoy lived up to his longtime catchphrase: Live long and prosper. Having achieved success in many arenas during his lifetime, the actor, director, writer and...
  14. Rusty Young Man

    "Celebrate with Seconds" post-rally OC lunch

    Figured it would be both convenient and correct to have an OC lunch on the Saturday of the planned rally at the AZ Capitol; we could meet up at or right after the rally and have a meal to cap off the day. Here is the AzCDL alert: "Celebrate the 2nd Rally Gun Rights Across America (GRAA) and...
  15. Rusty Young Man

    "Bullets, Burgers, and Resolutions" January 2015 OC lunch

    Hello there everyone, I wanted to get a feel for what Saturday would work best for another OC outing, this time preceded by some time at the range!:) Details: Who: OCers, CCers, and other Freedom-loving individuals. What: OC lunch and range time Where: the range will be the Scottsdale Gun...
  16. Rusty Young Man

    2014-2015 Antis are mobilizing in Arizona

    We knew they were coming, and now they have arrived. My guess is this is just the first wave, meant to foment emotion-driven action based on blatant misinformation (AKA "lies" and "choice omissions"), which will then be followed by the paid Arizona "volunteers" walking around with clipboards and...
  17. Rusty Young Man

    MDA events December 14

    Decided to start a new thread so as to stop giving myself sky-high blood pressure every time I saw the old thread at the top. The original thread: http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?119113-MDA-events-in-AZ-(TOMORROW!) They are more than likely to "mobilize" (read: be paid to...
  18. Rusty Young Man

    "Warm people in cold places" OC lunch 12/6, 1:00pm

    This is the Post-Thanksgiving, Pre-Christmas OC lunch we'd discussed.;) As some of you may have suspected from the title, we will be revisiting the city of Scottsdale for this lunch.:lol::) If I ever say "frigid places," you'll know we'll be heading South and out of the valley for that one.:p...
  19. Rusty Young Man

    Pre-Thanksgiving OC lunch, 15th of November

    Who: All OCers, CCers, and assorted Freedom-loving individuals What: Pre-Thanksgiving* OC lunch When: 1 pm on Saturday, 15th of November Where: Phoenix. Eatery name and location being sent by PM** Why: Why not? :) I should be easy to recognize, if not by my OCed sidearm alone; details of what I...
  20. Rusty Young Man

    Open Carry Luncheon October 11th

    Hope AzCDLFred doesn't mind me posting this, but the AzCDL annual meeting of members ("luncheon", henceforth:lol:) will be in Phoenix this year. Here are the details: When: Saturday, October 11th, 12-4 pm, though seating begins at 11 am Where: Phoenix, at the Sheraton Crescent (2620 W. Dunlap...