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    Iowa SF 165

    From NRA-ILA. This is obviously not the same bill as SF 165 which started this thread, it is a bill that would open the permit to carry to constitutional challenge.
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    Iowa SF 165

    I saw more on the news tonight (KFXA if it matters) and the governor was quoted on saying she does not support the bill, which is disappointing. I will say that the bill is quite confusing on what it does because it's been stripped of context from seeing all the other sections it references and...
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    Iowa SF 165

    I saw something on the news tonight about Iowa's legislature considering removing the requirement to have a permit to carry the tools of self defense. A bit of searching the internet didn't tell me much of the chances of it becoming law. Any thoughts on this? Anyone do some analysis on the...
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    Any tips for non-resident deer hunters?

    I know this isn't open carry related but if people will allow my diversion and indulgence here I'd like to pose a few questions as I believe the membership of this forum might be knowledgeable in this area. I got a call from my brother in law and he said he wanted to hunt deer around here...
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    Time to retry constitutional carry bill?

    With a transfer of power in the Iowa General Assembly is it time to try to get constitutional carry in Iowa? I don't recall the specifics on what held up the constitutional carry bill that was introduced to the Assembly a few years ago but I'd tend to think that this may be a good time to try...
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    Is Florida permit worth it?

    I got my renewal packet in the mail today from the Florida Department of Agriculture. I see that I'll have to pay fees in excess of $100, get photos taken (which I recall costs $15), and have my fingerprints taken again. I took a look at a reciprocity map and with an Iowa resident permit the...
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    Duty to inform in the news

    I happened across this news story while doing a search on the recent Oklahoma open carry bill. http://www.wmtw.com/news/police-remind-gun-owners-about-duty-to-inform-law/38660894 Is this a problem? Are people failing to inform when required? How many people have been charged with violating...
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    Hearing protection act vote March 17

    I know this might not reach enough people in enough time but we need as many people as possible to contact their legislators on the hearing protection act coming up for a vote on March 17. The NRA-ILA makes it easy for you with their automated e-mail system. Read the article and click the...
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    Minnesota stopped recognizing Utah permit, what does that mean for Iowans?

    Minnesota has published its new list of recognized permits to carry weapons since its latest revision to the law, and Utah is not on it. It seems it has been standard procedure for any Iowan that wants to carry tools of self defense to go to one of those Florida/Utah/Iowa recognized training...
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    Utah doesn't want my money

    I received my renewal letter for my Utah carry permit the other day. I see that they changed the rules on me, now they want a picture of my Iowa permit or they will not renew my Utah permit. So I put the renewal form in the paper shredder and am considering to do the same to my Utah permit...
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    Seeking gunsmith recommendations for M1 Carbine

    I'd like to get my dad's M1 Carbine checked out to make sure its in good operating condition. I looked up its serial number on the web and I found it likely just turned 70 years old. Who can I trust with this piece of history? I live in Linn County and don't want to have to drive too far...
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    Minnesota bills to allow recognition of North Dakota permits

    Saw this on the NRA-ILA website. http://www.nraila.org/legislation/state-legislation/2014/2/minnesota-2014-legislative-session-is-underway.aspx I thought this might be something of interest to Iowans that wish travel to Minnesota while armed. Universal recognition of permits would be nice...
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    Senator Rob Hogg wants us to be quiet.

    I wrote my senator with a concern on a couple gun control bills brought to my attention by NRA-ILA. I received a curious response. The honorable Rob Hogg has asked me to withhold my concern on gun bills until some unspecified future date. He's stating that this is for my benefit so that I do...
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    Check your permits, is it time to renew?

    Being the start of a new year I'd like to remind everyone to take a few minutes to make sure your weapon permits will not expire. While you are digging in your wallet you might want to check your driver license too. I don't want anyone getting in trouble for not having their papers in order...
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    Harkin is retiring, now what?

    Senator Tom Harkin has announced he will not run for another term in the US Senate. His term will be up in 2015 and there is all kinds of speculation on who will run to fill the seat he's occupied for almost thirty years. He's got a "F" grade from the NRA so anyone else must be an improvement...
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    Federal court tosses Illinois conceled carry ban

    First heard about this from Drudgereport.com http://www.suntimes.com/16951312-761/federal-appeals-court-tosses-state-ban-on-carrying-concealed-weapons.html Good news for Iowans that need to travel through and/or to Illinois. The state legislature has 180 days to come up with a new law that...
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    Ohio law Iowans may want to watch, House Bill 495

    Saw this on the NRA-ILA website: http://www.nraila.org/legislation/state-legislation/2012/12/ohio-senate-judiciary-committee-holds-its-final-hearing-on-pro-gun-reform-legislation-tomorrow.aspx Iowa code does not have a mechanism for the state to enter into reciprocity agreements. If this bill...
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    US Congressional races and debates

    I saw the following article on the Vilsack/King debate. It appears that gun control came up with Vilsack saying that "assault weapons" have no place in polite society while King defends them pointing their popularity for varmint control...
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    Iowa permit to carry now valid in Mississippi

    Saw an article on the NRA ILA website about a new law in Mississippi that went into effect on July 1st that recognizes all permits to carry weapons from any state. Link...
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    Florida permit fees reduced, does that change anything?

    As seen on the NRA-ILA website. http://www.nraila.org/legislation/state-legislation/2012/05/florida-governor-scott-signs-three-pro-gun-bills-into-law.aspx I know that the Florida permit is, or at least was, popular among Iowans but a lot of things have changed in just the last two years. Most...