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  1. Gunslinger

    Great Vienna hotdogs

    Stopped at the hotdog stand on Meridian and 24 in Falcon. Advertises Chicago style (Vienna with poppyseed buns) hotdogs. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago I really miss them. They were as advertised--best hotdogs in the world! Great menu of other stuff, too. Oh, I was OCing my XD/M 9. A dozen...
  2. Gunslinger

    eye 95

    Haven't noticed any posts by eye of late. Anyone know why?
  3. Gunslinger

    Metaphor for Idiots

    'Senator X reminds me of the putrid slime that clings to the walls of Hell." Is the poster saying he likes the slime, or is he equating Senator X with something disgusting that he despises? It would seem to me that anyone with an IQ over 65 would see the metaphor is made to spread the worst...
  4. Gunslinger

    My 2000th post

    Title is self identifying. What do I win? At least six of them didn't bash cops, either....
  5. Gunslinger

    Dallas cops show some integrity.

    Several police officers in Dallas caught by their own dashcam allegedly beating a man will face criminal charges. Three cops -- Officers Kevin Ray Randolph, Paul Gregory Bauer and Henry Walter Duetsch -- will be slapped with felony tampering or fabricating physical evidence charges, the Dallas...
  6. Gunslinger


    imported post You have the chance to make MA a leader in this country by saying no to more liberal democrap closed door government and fraudulent deal making. Get out and vote for Brown. It is the most important vote in the Commonwealth in 100 years.
  7. Gunslinger

    Casinos and guns

    imported post Do they allow CC in the Cripple Creek casinos? Going there in a few weeks and wasn't sure. Tnx.
  8. Gunslinger

    WI Attorney General files pro-2A amicus brief

    imported post Didn't know if you all were aware, but your state's Attorney General joined the Attornies General of 31 other states in filing an amicus curiae brief in support of Heller. Good for him, good for you! 64% of the States have clearly shown support for our right to keep and bear arms...
  9. Gunslinger

    Semi-open carry in the Springs

    imported post I generally carry concealed, but was wearing a coat that, when open, would show the holstered Bersa Firestorm Mini-9. Went to a car dealer, bakery and Specialty Sports--huge assortment of firearms. Numerous people saw the handle of the Bersa, not a word about it. Colorado Springs...
  10. Gunslinger

    Colorado Springs gun friendly

    imported post Hi, new to the forum and really am enjoying it. Have lived in MA, NH, TX and VA before coming here--work for the Air Force as a Program Manager. Had CCWs in all of those states--got mine in MA after separating from the Air Force active duty, in Middlesex County where they were...