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  1. SigGuy23

    Fire arm law question

    I looked at handgunlaw.us and could not find anything. Does anyone know the laws on buying a firearm in Utah as far as state residency? Do you have to be a reaident here to buy one from an ffl? Just wondering.
  2. SigGuy23

    I'm back

    So I left because of being transferred. Went to VA for Training and then got orders right back here. I'm now stationed on the USS JOHN C STENNIS CVN 74 in Bremerton. Sorry I haven't been on in a while, been super busy. S So FMJ 911 and I saw a unicorn today at the Mount Vernon WAL-MART. Was...
  3. SigGuy23

    Meet up

    Hey everybody, I'm in UTAH for a little while on leave. If anyone wants to meet up for coffee or something let me know. Brad(SigGuy23)
  4. SigGuy23

    Time to say goodbye(moving)

    Well folks, It's that time. I got PCS Transfer orders. So I am saying goodbye to WA. I have really enjoyed the little over 2 years I have spent here. I have met some great people. It was good getting to meet all of you that I have met on here over that Last 2 1/2 years. Thanks for showing me a...
  5. SigGuy23

    Island county oc report

    I have recently moved from Snohomish county to Island County, so I am staring a new OC thread for Island County. Today I OCed in the payless food grocery store in Freeland. Returned some DVD's and rented some new ones from the DVD express box and got some dish soap. Had no wierd looks or...
  6. SigGuy23

    Looking for a cc instructor for my aunt and uncle

    My mom called me the other day and told me my aunt after shooting a couple times with me, wants to get a concealed license. She and my uncle are excited about it and have been researching classes. I told my mom that I would get on here and help find them a good reputable instructor for a decent...
  7. SigGuy23

    I Know this is last minute but!!!!

    I know this is last minute, but FMJ 911 and I are going to the Sedro Woolley pits to shoot on Sat AUG 18. I'm just itching to try out my new AR and put some more rounds through my new RIA M1911A1. All our invited to attend. BE AWARE THIS WILL BE A CLEAN AND SHOOT!!! So if you do come, bring...
  8. SigGuy23

    Had a scare this morning!!!

    I will start off by saying I'm pretty close to my neighbors. They have my spare key in case I accidentally lock myself out of my house. I pay her kids to walk my dog while I'm at work. I play video games with her sun. They store some stuff in my garage because hers has no room. So anyways I Had...
  9. SigGuy23

    Marysville police response time

    So My front license had fallen off during a storm a while back. I went to the Licensing department and got new plates. They cost 32$. I then proceeded to go to Subway on 92nd and State Ave. As I was leaving Subway, I got into a vehicular accident. I back out of the road and pulled back into the...
  10. SigGuy23

    Mad at myself and the snohomish county sheriff's

    So it's 11:30 P.M. Tuesday night. I'm watching some lame low budget movie I got from redbox. All the sudden I hear a pounding on my front door. I ask myself who the hell is knocking on my door so late? I walk to the door and peek through the window to see it's a Snohomish County Sheriff's...
  11. SigGuy23

    I know this is last but.......

    I know this is last minute but I just wanted to let people in the area know. I am going shooting at Norpoint today. I am itching to try out my new rifle. I will be shooting my Sig as well. If anyone wants to join me, I will be going around 5 pm. If any one shows up. We should go get something to...
  12. SigGuy23

    North marysville albertsons

    I went grocery shopping at the North Marysville Albertsons today. I shop there quite frequently. I have never had any issues with OC there. When I got done paying for my stuff the manager was walking by with a till in her hand. She stopped and looked at me. MANAGER: "I just gotta ask. Are you...
  13. SigGuy23

    Buddies LEO interaction.

    So I have a friend who is stationed in Bremerton. He lives on the third floor of his apartment complex. He has multiple firearms. Today he was cleaning some of his guns. He got the shotgun out of his room and brought it into the living room. His blinds were open. The neighbors all the way across...
  14. SigGuy23

    Utah leave

    I am finishing my Leave here in Utah and about to head back to WA. I have thurougly enjoyed my leave. I OCed the whole time I was here. The only one to mention anything was my family. Nothing from any strangers. My family is slowly getting use to it. While here I went on a Ride A Long with...
  15. SigGuy23

    Great Birthday!!!!!

    So my mom, aunt, and cousin came down to visit me this weekend. Today is my mom's and my birthday. My mom said she wanted to go shooting. So we all went to Norpoint. My Aunt has never shot a gun before in her life. Only held one once. You could never convince her to go shooting. Well she decided...
  16. SigGuy23

    New posters

    I noticed lately there is a crap ton of new guys on here from all over. The thing that bugs me is they all seem to be asking the most obvious, easiest questions they can answer themselves if they just did a little research. Doesn't anyone look at the OCDO maps on the home page? That would answer...
  17. SigGuy23

    Emerald City Comicon.

    I am planning on going to the Emerald City Comicon tomorrow SAT the 30th. It's at the Washington Sate Convention Center. Has anyone carried there before. Do you know if they make a big deal like some other centers? I know the RCW's on the subject. I just wanted to hear from others their...
  18. SigGuy23

    Starbucks FB page.

    When ever you get a chance if you haven't already. Everyone should check out Starbucks Facebook page. Those anti's say some crazy stuff. It's unbelievable how irrational they are. That Ladd Everitt guy is something else. It's alot of posts but good reading.
  19. SigGuy23

    Snohomish county oc report

    I noticed there is a couple threads for everyday carry reports in southern and eastern WA, but none up north. So I'm starting one for Snohomish County. Here's my OC experience today. Got home from work and went to Starbucks. I'm going to start going everyday. Ordered a hot chocolate, sat down...
  20. SigGuy23

    Not sure what to title this thread.

    So as I mentioned in the earlier in another thread I was at Starbucks. When I came home from Starbucks, I pulled into my garage. I got out of my car and walked around the back to get to my door that leads into my house. That's when I heard a vehicle pulling up. I live in a cul de sac. I turned...