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  1. fjpro2a

    Deffert open carry incident in 2015

    I can't seem to find out Judge Janet Neff's decision to allow law enforcement to stop open carriers in 2015 was ever appealed. Mr. Deffert was openly carrying a firearm. Law Enforcement stopped and detained him. Judge Neff ruled this constitutional, and Mr. Deffert was going to appeal the...
  2. fjpro2a

    Open Carry meeting

    Starting September 6th, 2016, there will be an open carry meeting at Golden Corral in Moorseville at 6:30 PM. This will reoccur the first Tuesday of every month. I hope a few of you can attend. It would be appreciated if anyone attending could respond to this thread a few days ahead of the...
  3. fjpro2a

    Prissy Polly's

    Hey, guys I am going to try to make the monthly get together on November 6th. Since I am new, it would be nice if at least 3 or more will also attend so as to assuage my nerves. After checking out Prissy Polly's, I see there will be a fundraiser that night. Does anyone see that as causing a...
  4. fjpro2a

    Moving to NC

    I will be moving to NC on 6/15/2015 to the Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville area. Are any of you close by, and can we get an open carry breakfast, lunch, dinner going? I will be glad to do the "legwork."
  5. fjpro2a

    Moving to NC

    I will be moving to the Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville area early next year. Can I do some research to find out where there are some open carry groups that meet now and then in this general area? It would truly be an honor to meet some of you guys and gals.
  6. fjpro2a

    Probably mentioned before, but??

    Does this make sense, or am I being naive? Would it be a good idea to discuss with Police Departments that open carriers would be willing for, say, a year, to show ID when an LEO approaches due to a MWAG call as long as the OC'er and the LEO agree to both see the caller and explain that open...
  7. fjpro2a

    New Constitutional Amendment

    Is it time to work for a Constitutional Amendment redefining with explicit language that the original 2nd Amendment bestows an individual right to keep and bear arms in all PLACES? This would include concealed and open carry. My opinion is that at least 40 States would approve, more than needed...
  8. fjpro2a

    Are we making progress or not?

    I have seen the OC movement take a few steps forward, but more steps going backward. More and more places are posting "no firearms" signs. A friend of mine from Arizona says almost all the restaurants he and his wife go to prohibit OC. Maybe I need a little spark from others that truly believe...
  9. fjpro2a


    Am I the only one who realizes that the "open carry movement" is losing ground? What the hell is going on? There are a number of you who want to proceed with States rights. Fine. But for crying out loud, States are making it a "morass' to exercise our rights. I am exaggerating, but it seems as...
  10. fjpro2a

    The double standard

    :confused: Why is there such an uproar about the confusion that would be caused by a few States having slightly different laws concerning illegal immigration enforcement, but not a care in the world about the myriad gun laws that exist in the 50 States? With the millions of different gun laws...
  11. fjpro2a

    Importance of Primaries

    Let's all dedicate ourselves to supporting 2nd amendment politicians in the PRIMARIES. This is where we can make solid headway. Ask those running their position on open carrying, the castle doctrine, etc. Support those who believe in our constitution, and make sure to bring a friend to vote with...
  12. fjpro2a

    Me - Novice / You - Expert

    To all you great men and women who open carry - I admittedly have little hands on experience, while you guys have been in the trenches for years. What frustrates more than anything is reading 1,000 good experiences and 1,000 bad experiences almost every day. It seems as if we take two steps...
  13. fjpro2a

    Pleased and Frustrated - Hot and Cold

    For the past 10 years, we open carriers or supporters of open carry hear stories from most States that please us very much and then stories that frustrate us to no end. We take 2 steps forward and one step back, and then one step forward and 2 steps back. I am going crazy. Maybe it is because I...
  14. fjpro2a

    Good idea or not?

    This has always frustrated me, but I do not know if it would help or cause more harm. As you all know, there are millions of conflicting gun laws in various cities within a State, in various Counties within a State, and among the States. Would it be a good idea if, say, 10, 15, or 20 States that...
  15. fjpro2a

    We did it!!!!!!!!

    Chris Christie has commuted the dumb 7-year sentence given to Brian Aitken by that anti-2nd amendment judge, James Morley. By the way, Christie also did not reappoint Morley to the bench. I know this is a small, very small victory. But, let's celebrate for a few seconds, and then work harder...
  16. fjpro2a

    Williams Township OC

    My wife and I looked at some active adult communities in Williams Township (Northampton County, I believe) off Exit 75 on Interstate 78. It is a 3 minute drive to Easton. Are there any problems with open carrying in this area, and are there any open carry breakfasts/lunches,dinners or groups I...
  17. fjpro2a

    Rod Tuason incident

    Police Officer Rod Tuason commented on Facebook in January 2010 (I believe) that he would proudly "prone" someone legally open carrying unloaded, and wouldn't hesitate to perhaps go further if the open carrier moved while on the ground. He was being investigated by the Police Department for...
  18. fjpro2a

    OC @ Colonial Williamsburg

    My wife and I visited Colonial Williamsburg for 5 days. I did not see one (1) person oc'ing. Is it illegal to OC there? I plan on moving to James City County within two years, and look forward to being an American again.