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  1. dmatting

    Texas Open Carry Info Trifold/Brochure

    The governor signed the bill into law yesterday (June 16, 2021). It goes into effect on 9/1.
  2. dmatting

    Texas Open Carry Info Trifold/Brochure

    Yeah, bro - current Texas carry laws are disappointing, to say the least. However... The Texas legislature just passed a bill yesterday (May 5, 2021) that will decriminalize open AND concealed carry without a license. If I'm not mistaken, all that is left is for the governor to sign it into law...
  3. dmatting

    Texas Open Carry Info Trifold/Brochure

    Looks like you may have to update your flyer soon! I'm in Texas now - have not applied for any permits yet and feel odd not carrying daily - but if the new law passes, I'm carrying on Day 1!
  4. dmatting

    Texas Open Carry Info Trifold/Brochure

    So, I currently live in NC and enjoy OCing throughout this state and VA without a license. I will very likely be moving to TX (Austin area) before the end of the year. Is the info in the trifold still valid? Has anything changed since 2016? It looks like I'll have to take a class and ask the...
  5. dmatting

    HB 746 for 2017

    You may or may not be aware of HB746 that is in comittee on Wednesday, May 31. This is the Constitutional Carry bill. While the changes incurred would mostly be centered around the removal of the CHP requirement, there are some things that would affect you as an OCer. The most noteworthy (I am...
  6. dmatting


    This may be covered in an old thread somewhere, but if anyone is not aware, Costco is completely anti-gun. I've been in the N Durham store a number of times, they aren't posted. Even super busy times, like right before Christmas, and always OCing. Well, today I was asked to put my pistol in...
  7. dmatting

    Polling Places

    Wondering if polling locations here in NC are gun free or restricted in any way. Of course, if a polling place is a school or gov't building, it is already prohibited. But what about places that are private, like say a ruritan club, etc. If the location isn't posted, are there any laws...
  8. dmatting

    MDA Now Targeting Kroger

    I didn't see this posted anywhere here, so if it has already been discussed, then please delete... http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/08/18/Moms-Demand-Target-Kroger-For-Gun-Bans-In-Grocery-Aisles First paragraph... "Michael Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in...
  9. dmatting

    Durham, NC City Ordinances

    There was a discussion in the 'NC OC Experience Reports' thread regarding ordinances that were in effect in the city of Durham. I wrote an email to the Durham city attorney, Patrick W. Baker, and expressed my concerns regarding some of the ordinances dealing with the carry of firearms in the...
  10. dmatting

    Durham Gun Registration Repealed - Flyer Updated

    In case you have not heard, the NC General Assembly successfully repealed Durham County's ridiculous Jim Crow holdover gun registration requirement. Senate Bill S226 was passed by the House yesterday and, if I am not mistaken, goes into immediate effect today - June 19, 2014. As such I have...
  11. dmatting

    Durham City Ordinance on Display and Possession

    I've been hearing about some kind of change to Durham's ordinance regarding open carry but never saw the ordinance in question, so I finally looked it up this morning. It looks like this was passed on April 15, 2013. From this, it pretty much says you can't open carry within the Durham city...
  12. dmatting

    Helicopter Cop Lands and Harasses Woman

    You just can't make this stuff up, folks! http://www.infowars.com/video-cop-lands-helicopter-to-harass-woman/
  13. dmatting

    Wells Fargo banks??

    I have to go into a Wells Fargo Bank today to cash a check (check from a wells fargo acct). Does anyone know if they are OC friendly here in NC?
  14. dmatting

    Visited Williamsburg Again

    Hey Northern Neighbors --- My family and I spent another couple of days up in Williamsburg last week. We basically went to go to Busch Gardens to satiate the kid since we told her we'd take her. The day that we were at the park was pretty hot which was actually pretty good for us because there...
  15. dmatting

    OC on Motorcycle - Passing by Schools

    I OC while I ride to/from work. No matter what route I take I am guaranteed to pass by at least two schools. Actually, I could cut that down to one school but it would mean going about 10 to 15 minutes in a round-about route. I guess that's not horrible - just means more time on the bike. Still...
  16. dmatting

    North Carolina Flyer

    Flyer has been updated - latest revision is May 24, 2017. The link to the old revision will not work anymore. Download it here: NC Open Carry Flyer - May 24, 2017 Revision Revisions to the May 24, 2017 Flyer: In the section titled "Places Where Firearms Are Prohibited", the GS site for item...
  17. dmatting

    Crazy Joe

    Sounds to me like Mr. Biden should be arguing for the deregulation of all firearms and advocating for everyone to be carrying. He can't really believe that, no matter how many cops are employed, they will ever be able to respond to a 911 rape call and get there to prevent it (as if a woman...
  18. dmatting

    Visiting Williamsburg area

    Hello My family will be traveling up to your fine state next weekend (October 8). We will be visiting the Williamsburg area. Most of our time will likely be spent in Colonial Williamsburg and we will also be spending a day at Busch Gardens. I am wondering if Colonial Williamsburg has any...
  19. dmatting

    Identification Please

    Does North Carolina have any laws requiring one to produce identification if demanded by a cop? (I'm not referring to a traffic stop) I'm thinking not, but thinking ain't knowing. I would assume that if one is detained or arrested they would produce ID, but again, I don't know... Thanks
  20. dmatting

    Carry in Restaurants

    I live in NC and have my NC CHP - which South Carolina recognizes. My family and I will be in Myrtle Beach this coming weekend. I am bringing my gun and will likely be CCing with a big old Hawaiian type shirt to cover her up. I understand that while in the vehicle I have to stow the gun in the...