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  1. Medic1210

    If you think OC is covered under the new HB937, READ THIS!!!

    There is another thread asking this specific question, but based on a couple responses it seems some folks are reading the new law wrong. I'm not trying to get multiple threads of the same thing going, I just worry that the other thread's title may not draw many folks in. Hopefully this one...
  2. Medic1210

    Any Moore County Wildlife Conservation Club members here?

    They're having their monthly Action Pistol Competition tomorrow morning, and I was wondering if there were any members on this site? I am a new member, and will be participating tomorrow. This is my first time ever shooting in a match, so I'm both excited and nervous. I'm sure I'll get my...
  3. Medic1210

    Off Duty cop mistakes son for intruder. Shoots and kills him.

    Horrible story. Make sure of your target before you fire. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/07/22/off-duty-cop-shoots-kills-son-after-mistaking-him-for-intruder/?test=latestnews
  4. Medic1210

    Had my first somewhat negative experience.. In a gun shop no less..

    So I stopped in at Ed's Gun Shop in Vass this afternoon to see if they had finally received the new Springfield XDs in yet. Surprisingly, they did. Not surprisingly, it was spoken for. Anyway, I wanted to actually see and hold it since it's extremely high on my list for my next gun, so Ed got...
  5. Medic1210

    CHP wait... Been one month today

    So my CHP expired while I was in Afghanistan for 20 months, and I missed my window of getting it renewed upon my return. Well, fast forward about 8 months, the wife and I took the CHP class las month, and submitted our paperwork on April 24. Interestingly, my wife's permit comes in on the 10th...
  6. Medic1210

    OMG! This guy is definitely not how we want to be represented...

    Hope this douche isn't a member here. :cuss: I watched this video, and my jaw dropped at the crap this guy says and does.:eek: Sorry if this has been posted already http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Plr7UIA9Ri4&feature=related
  7. Medic1210

    To those carrying a recorder.. Ever had it erased?

    Ok, like the title implies, I'm wondering if anybody who routinely carries a voice recorder to protect them from corrupt police officers has ever had their recorder confiscated and the recording erased? I can imagine something like this happening when a cop is violating your rights, and then...
  8. Medic1210


    Ok, so the wife and I just sent off our paperwork for our concealed carry permits this past week. Her for the first time, me to reinstate mine since it lapsed while I was in Afghanistan for almost two years. Anyway, I've gotten accustomed to open carrying pretty much all the time now, but I...
  9. Medic1210

    Anyone in, or around Richmond County, NC?

    Just curious how many OC folks I have around me.
  10. Medic1210

    OC'd in front of three SHP tonight...

    I've been OC'ing consistently for about two months now, and have yet to carry in front of any LEO that I don't know personally. So, tonight, I went into the local MaMa Noi's sub restaurant in Rockingham tonight to pick up a couple sandwiches for supper. When I pulled up, I saw the three...
  11. Medic1210

    Encountered first "No Open Carry" sign

    So I'm returning home from Ed's Gun Shop in Moore County today, and decide to stop at an Exxon station in Aberdeen for a soft drink. I've open carried at the store once before after a movie the prior weekend. I always check for a sign regarding weapons prior to entering a business while OC, and...
  12. Medic1210

    First Post and Question on Dress

    Because like it or not, your outward appearance is often the first thing someone notices about you, and like it or not, judgements are made based off of the image you give. No law says you have to dress a certain way when open carrying, but society is going to view you more cautiously if you're...
  13. Medic1210

    Required to show ID?

    Ok, so I understand that for most states, I'm not required to speak to LEO or show ID when asked if there is no RAS that I have done anything wrong. I also know, from my 10 years of having my NC CHP that if approached by an officer while carrying concealed, i have to give up that right and not...