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  1. marshaul

    The Cadre

    I decided to start this thread in response to an amusing suggestion by Fuller Malarkey: I hereby second this admirable suggestion, with the further observation that those individuals to whom the epithets apply already know who they are (at least, as of now). What say y'all?
  2. marshaul

    So now I'm an anti

    I've always thought of myself as very "pro", as there isn't a single gun law I can think of which I support. However, apparently, because I choose to voice displeasure over guys who can't be bothered to ensure that their slung rifles are pointing in a safe direction (i.e. not sideways at...
  3. marshaul

    My Name is Marshall

    Attention forum members: I have noticed over the years that my childish (ancient enough to be so literally) handle causes some confusion. So I thought I'd waste good bits by starting an entire thread about my name, which is Marshall. It's a good name, and I don't spell it wrong. That will be...
  4. marshaul

    Accidental discharge in own home = felony

    I have a meta-question for Virginians: Why the hell do we allow laws like this to remain on the books? In Virginia, if your gun malfunctions and discharges in your own home, you are an instant felon. Same result if you've ever had an ND. Why is there not a constant outcry to fix this? Any one...
  5. marshaul

    Open Carry and chairs, furniture etc

    So, I've been OCing now for five years, and in general I find it to be a practical means of carry, with one exception. My full-size 1911 in its Serpa has a tendency to chew into wood chairs, and occasionally car seats and the like. My mags are also pretty bad. For the mags, I figure if I...
  6. marshaul

    Open Carry without Permit in National Forests

    I'm aware of www.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?75894-Forests-Parks-Wildlife-Refuges-and-Cemeteries]this thread[/url], but the issue of National Forests is still rather unclear. Not being a hunter, I have no prior knowledge of Virginia's hunting regulations, and a quick perusal reveals...
  7. marshaul

    Show off your holster wear!!!

    Since this is a site where most people carry... Who's got the most, and best holster wear? :cool: Blackhawk Serpa FTW! :banana:
  8. marshaul

    Maximum private message count?

    What is it? My limit all of a sudden filled up: once I received a PM on the new forum, about 1000 PMs from the old forum appeared, filling my box up. I'd actually rather not delete any, but if I must, I'd like to know how many it must be. And is there any chance the limit could be increased...
  9. marshaul

    What do you guys think about Rave Motion Pictures (cinemas)?

    * Their website has no posted rules. * The location i've been to has no posted prohibitions. * The security guards OC, so firearms are already present to the consternation of any hoplophobes. * A google search for "rave motion pictures weapons OR firearms OR guns" returns no relevant...
  10. marshaul

    Two inch toy gun brings down Nanny

    imported post http://freestudents.blogspot.com/2010/02/two-inch-toy-gun-brings-down-nanny.html
  11. marshaul

    Flying with a handgun - transfer thru JFK Airport

    imported post This isn't the first time I've wondered about this, but I can't seem to find a clear answer. Is it legal? May one take a flight, say, from Virginia to Florida, with a transfer through JFK? Obviously New York is highly restrictive, especially to nonresidents, but would this...
  12. marshaul

    Schuemann Barrels Suggests Never Cleaning your Bore

    imported post http://schuemann.com/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=3zZ4oir3t50%3d&tabid=67&mid=445 So what do you all think? What are your practices?
  13. marshaul

    Single-stack magazine paddle

    imported post OK, so I have a Fobus single-stack two-magazine paddle holster, and one of the rivets recently broke kydex where it attached. The holster is still "usable", but I've never been a huge fan and this is just the opportunity to replace it. Specifically, I didn't like the fact that...
  14. marshaul

    Long guns allowed in school zones?

    imported post CA Penal Code 626.9 reads: Thoughts?
  15. marshaul

    The Insanity of Gun Control Fanatics

    imported post Zero tolerance in schools is nothing new really, I just thought I'd share: The Insanity of Gun Control Fanatics
  16. marshaul

    Libertarian Minarchism

    imported post Just to continue a line of conversation which was off-topic in another thread: Tomahawk wrote: I normally agree with you, but whenever I find myself in such a "sway" it invariably occurs to me that anarchists routinely argue that minarchism, as preferable as it may be to our...
  17. marshaul

    Popup ads and HTML refreshing out of control

    imported post So, I generally try not to run my browsers in heavy-duty ad protection mode, because I generally try to avoid sites with annoying ads in the first place (take note, admins). At any rate, I go to browse OCDO today, using a browser not set to block HTML refreshing, and lo and...
  18. marshaul

    Tactical Flashlight Holster/Pouch

    imported post So, I have a Coast LED 'Tactical" flashlight. It's really excellent for the price, and so it has become my carry flashlight of choice. The problem is the cheap nylon pouch it came with is wearing out after just a couple months. So, anybody have any ideas where I might get a...
  19. marshaul

    I like IHOP

    imported post So I haven't related much of my IHOP experience, but I routinely go to my local IHOP in the "wee hours" of the morning, and have become a well-known regular. All the staff recognize me, and most have heard me talk about OC at one time or another, so they all get it. :) At any...
  20. marshaul

    We should adopt a highway

    imported post Trash cleanups are an interesting idea. http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum54/16320.html What do you all think?