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  1. Tactical9mm

    Preferred 9mm conceal carry?

    Sorry for my late reply here. Any Glock decision is always a good one! For my EDCC, I'm using a G19 Gen-5 with a beaver-tail backside. Offering another opinion, the X option isn't ideal for cc (with the full size-frame). If magazine capacity isn't a consideration for your cc pistol, the...
  2. Tactical9mm

    It's time to be vigilant in New Hampshire

    Congratulations on your victory, KBCraig. Unfortunately though, we lost the State House. All that stands between a total loss of our rights is Governor Sununu's veto (based on the numbers in House/Senate). The next two years are going to be scary. Why people would vote they way they did in...
  3. Tactical9mm

    November 6, 2018 general election local candidate ratings

    For all citizens of New Hampshire, The New Hampshire firearms coalition has posted their candidate report cards for all state/local candidates in our upcoming election. Available via the front page (in two sections) at http://www.nhfc-ontarget.org/ If you're not absolutely sure how your...
  4. Tactical9mm

    HB 201 Universal background checks

    This little monster is currently in committee. Realistically, with the current makeup of our State House, State Senate, and Governor, there is zero chance of passage. Why would these people sponsor this at this point in time? It is political suicide. This is what is currently being discussed...
  5. Tactical9mm

    Free audio/e-book from Adam Kokesh entitled "Freedom"

    Just passing this link around to any Libertarians on OCDO that might be interested in this material. An excellent fairly quick read. http://www.adamvstheman.com/freedom/ The direct download links for his book are right on that linked page in the format of your choice. Kokesh is certainly a...
  6. Tactical9mm

    Interview with John Pierce in the Bloomberg view

    A great interview that was published yesterday. Apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere on OCDO (I wasn't able to find it). http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2014-04-22/open-carry-concealed-carry-and-crazy-carry Mr. Pierce did an outstanding job, in my opinion.
  7. Tactical9mm

    CISPA rears it's ugly head once again.

    For all Libertarians that are reading, this should be of particular concern. On April, 18, 2013, the US House passed this bill (HR 624) that had been previously thought dead after the US Senate failed to act on it in the previous session after the House passed it back on April 26, 2012. I found...
  8. Tactical9mm

    2013 edition of the freedom in the 50 States rankings

    From the Mercatus center at George Mason University. This is a comprehensive index that spans every conceivable type of freedom that you can imagine, and gives rankings to States based on facts. Every category is at your fingertips. http://freedominthe50states.org/ Is the online version. To...
  9. Tactical9mm

    Light bending technology moves beyond prototype stage

    Not so new news but I'm passing this along since it is relevant for potential hunting applications in the civilian market. A Canadian company, Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp, dropped some major news back in October, 2012. The "invisibility" technology is here, and works. They are calling it...
  10. Tactical9mm

    The state of the gun politics in New Hampshire

    Banning firearms, and carry in the State house is once again being brought up by dems. http://www.necn.com/01/01/13/NH-representatives-to-vote-on-Statehouse/landing.html?&apID=ceafaeb538ab447fbca7d206ecbfe4b1 Another dem wants to try to repeal the State's stand your ground law. (HB 135)...
  11. Tactical9mm

    Free E-book on gun control facts

    I'm sure many of us here at OCDO are already aware of this great resource, but in lieu of the recent circumstances I'm putting this up just in case. This is great stuff to provide to liberal media, that will shut down all of their arguments straight away http://www.gunfacts.info Please pass...
  12. Tactical9mm

    50-round drum magazines for 9mm glocks from SGM tactical

    I just got a heads up from a fellow Glock enthusiast about the upcoming release of these mags. $69, and the quality appears to be very high. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KghkFluEoU I can't wait.
  13. Tactical9mm

    Minor parties Presidential debate

    Featuring: Gary Johnson: Libertarian party Jill Stein: Green party Virgil Goode: Constitution party Rocky Anderson: Justice party Will take place on October 23, from 8:00 pm CDT to 9:30 PM CDT at the Hilton in Chicago. Live online streaming of the debate WILL be available. For further...
  14. Tactical9mm

    For the Libertarians among us

    Help spread the word that there is an alternative to the establishment candidates that is worth voting for. Pass this link around to your friends, family and anyone else who doesn't know who Gary Johnson is. Anyone still "on the fence" who calls themselves a friend of liberty needs to watch...
  15. Tactical9mm

    Freedom index report for all fifty States (Libertarian perspective) June 2011

    I thought that I would share something that I recently came across that I feel would be useful to our freedom-appreciating 2nd amendment community here at OC.org http://www.salon.com/technology/how_the_world_works/2011/06/15/why_do_liberals_hate_freedom/index.html is the original article which...
  16. Tactical9mm

    Moving to southern New Hampshire

    Five months back in Connecticut was enough for me. New taxes, the war on the 2nd amendment, and the general political climate is sending me fleeing in horror to the North. I'd like to wish everyone here the very best of luck. I'll still be reading these CT forums, and will occasionally jump...
  17. Tactical9mm

    Question about voice recorder usage in NH

    I am going to be relocating to New Hampshire within a month or so. I've heard conflicting stories about the legality concerning the use of voice recorders, and I would like to have the record "set straight". As we all know, it is prudent to use a voice recorder when we OC. Encounters with law...
  18. Tactical9mm

    SB 1094 Dead in Committee!

    http://www.courant.com/community/west-hartford/hc-ammo-clip-bill-dies-0416-20110415,0,3107531.story Let's be thankful. Now let's vote out the individuals responsible for proposing it, and supporting it.