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  1. Custodian

    Utah brings back the firing squad

    http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/executions-by-firing-squad-poised-to-make-comeback-in-utah/ar-AA9DpqR I'm for it. I wish all states, including my own Tarheel state, would use this method, hanging, or the guillotine. That is after the innocent project clears them first that is. Your...
  2. Custodian

    What would it take to get this before SCOTUS?

    Okay, as we all know, the first amendment, seemingly is not subject to licensure or permission slip, aka a permit. (though the free speech zone, shows how silly the feds can get) And further down the line, the third, fourth, fifth (which is nearly dead) Why is it that the second amendment is...
  3. Custodian

    Just an observation

    I've heard, without cited sources, that often when a state becomes hostile for a number of reasons: taxes, immigration, job-loss/career loss, etc. that people will leave en masse, to head to another state hoping to find opportunity. I've heard a bunch of Commiefornians left for Oregon...
  4. Custodian

    What would it take to change current arms restrictions in North Carolina?

    Supposedly, we have a pretty Republican (If you ask me statist, especially McCrory for harumphing and upholding Steve Troxler's <and his own predecessor's> rule over CC at the State Fair) representation in North Carolina now. What do you think it would take to get, as either a general statute...
  5. Custodian

    Is there a Mexican problem and if so what is the solution?

    I keep hearing about illegal immigration from Mexico. To put it out there, my family emigrated to these United States from the former British commonwealth crown colonies in the Caribbean. So, I am a first generation, Caribbean American. My father was deported in 1975, for remaining in the US too...
  6. Custodian

    (Concealed) Carry Beyond Guns and more

    Whether he realizes it or not, but the forum members and posters, bulldawg1964 - Workplace - Is a C&C required? & Tucker6900 - Carrying a sword? <Iowa forum> , inspired this post with his talk of a CCP. Now, we don't have Concealed Carry Permits or even Concealed Weapon(s) Permits in the great...
  7. Custodian

    The other place in the American Empire

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASSOQDQvVLU&list=PLqs5ohhass_QZtSkX06DmWOaEaadwmw_D After watching this quick video on the American Empire, in the section named US territories, I'm surprised that American Samoa is not listed... how come? Does the US constitution not apply there? Do they not have...
  8. Custodian

    My Open Carry Vacation

    imported post From Thursday to Sunday I went on vacation for the first time in years. (Not one of those lame "staycations" I seem to take ever so often) My journey took me from Durham, North Carolina to Richmond, Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, and Newport News, Virginia. I open carried a...
  9. Custodian

    Does anyone open carry with a shoulder rig?

    imported post Sometimes I don't want to carry that big ol' Hi-Point. I still haven't picked up enough magazines to effectively carry the Browning HP-DA/BDA 380. However, I am squared away with my Bersa Thunder. I figured when I bought my new suit I'd buy a shoulder rig to "complete the look."...
  10. Custodian

    Was looking up North Carolina protection laws and came across this...

    imported post I'm in college (which is why I haven't posted in a while), trying to get my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - maybe one day if I don't go into law enforcement or into the military (want to go in as an Officer in the Military Police Corps) I may try law school or a Masters...
  11. Custodian

    Hammer or Hammerless?

    imported post I bought a copy of my department's official, non special unit sidearm, the S&W M&P 40. This pistol is hammerless and without mechanical safeties in the .40 S&W cal. Simply put this weapon is hot when you rack the slide. I got a friend who hates these types of weapons. He prefers...
  12. Custodian

    Guns Akimbo d/b/a Dual Handguns

    imported post I went out over the last weekend for target practice and fired some rounds off, felt good as usual. My friend then lent me his handgun, so I could go "Guns Akimbo". And while I felt pretty slick dual handgunning, I noticed my target looked more like Swiss cheese than perforated as...
  13. Custodian

    Voting Armed in North Carolina?

    imported post Is this even legal IF it is not in a school zone?
  14. Custodian

    Is it time to make Open Carry statute law and NOT common law?

    imported post Let's face it, in this litigious society common law just doesn't cut it anymore and rights fade with every passing year your legislators make to please their special interests or agenda. It seems its just time to make Open Carry defined by law because, constitutional rights seem...
  15. Custodian

    Riot at Triangle Town Center Mall, Raleigh, NC

    imported post http://www.google.com/search?q=Riot+at+Triangle+Town+Center&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a http://outside.in/places/triangle-town-center-raleigh http://www.bullcityrising.com/2008/07/raleigh-mall-me.html...
  16. Custodian

    Why are most American made firearms made in anti-firearm states?

    imported post Sense is not made. Here are a few manufacturers locations. Springfield Armory, Rock River Arms - Illinois Smith & Wesson, Savage - Massachusetts Kahr & Kimber - New York Colt, Ruger, Seecamp & Mossberg - Connecticut Remington - North Carolina!
  17. Custodian

    Are Hospitals/Doctor's Offices/Clinics off limits?

    imported post Are hospitals/physician[& extenders] & nurse practicioner/clinics off limits by law or by their policy?
  18. Custodian

    Concealed Handgun License Insurance

    imported post I just stumbled across this company that offers legal insurance (or financial protection plan) for CCW/CHL/CHP holders and all the other 3 & 4 letter combinations for those who have concealed carry permits. I haven't seen it before on this forum (or I haven't been looking close...
  19. Custodian

    American Made Firearms

    imported post Look at all the big names today in firearm manufacturers. Glock, H&K, Sig, FN, AK, Beretta, Walther (yeah, I know this one is a S&W imprint now), Taurus, Bersa, etc. They pretty much have the biggest chunk of the firearms market. The old names of the American made firearms are...
  20. Custodian

    Yet Another Reason To Own A GUN!

    imported post I'm packin', are you? This says it all. Another reason why our Criminal Justice system needs to be fixed. Drug laws need to be abolished (Why is it a crime to hurt yourself? It shouldn't be unless you try to hurt others that are unwilling in the process) and the DEA needs to go...