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  1. flagellum

    Refused to produce ID to private security at Four Queens, Got 86'd Police Involved

    So first to preface, Open Carry is not present in this story. I just think you guys might be interested. Last night I went downtown to Freemont Street. I went out and about and had fun with some friends. Since I was drinking, I chose not to drive home and got a ride, leaving my vehicle at...
  2. flagellum

    Freemost Street OC encounter (Las Vegas)

    So I met up with Tread, Sabotage, and DVC, we had a good time, roamed the strip, saw some cool entertainment, all around good night. A couple wandering eyes as usual, not out of the ordinary for us. So here is where it gets interesting. I break with the guys, say goodbye, and make my way...
  3. flagellum

    Nevada Campus Protection Act

    http://www.nraila.org/Legislation/Read.aspx?ID=6224 I know he hasn't shown to really be on our team (Though I don't know how he feels about this issue) I think it would be a good idea to show support.
  4. flagellum

    Front Sight

    So I'm going to be picking up a certificate for 4 Day Defensive Handgun at Front Sight. Anybody else been thinking about doing this? There is a fellow on NV shooter selling one more pass for like 85 bucks.(quite a steal) Just curious if anybody was looking into this and just needed a bit of a...
  5. flagellum

    California Drop list

    I have some questions that I had trouble finding the answer too. Can a firearm that is NOT on the California drop list be possessed in the state of California? If so, can that weapon be registered with a California CCW?
  6. flagellum

    Open Carry "Threatening"

    Hi all, I have a friend that OC's in Luisiana but he is not a member here. When talking to him he was told by someone that open carry was legal, but as soon as someone felt "threatened" by your weapon and reported you, you would be guilty of a crime. I am not from here, but I am certain that...
  7. flagellum

    OC with a BUG

    How many of you guys Open Carry with a Back -up Gun? I carry my OC gun on my right hip, and carry a TCP .380 in my left pocket. I know that in the rare chance someone violently tries to remove my weapon from the holster, I can resist with my right hand (Push the weapon Down into the holster)...
  8. flagellum

    OC MEETUP: Freemont Street Experience 13-14 August

    All, I know that after our last meet-up (which was a great Success Btw) we have had more people showing interest in doing OC walks. OC walks have shown to be positive social experience for all involved, and have had a great effect on educating the public. As many of you know, we even scored...
  9. flagellum

    How much firepower is recommended?

    So I started to think about this after I had a wierd dream last night. Basicaly what it came down to in the dream was I was carrying my pocket .380, and had to engage two close range targets who were trying to carjack my little brother and I. In the dream I drew on both men, and while focused...
  10. flagellum

    Gun Rentals

    imported post Hey guys, I have a Sergeant who is deploying and he wants me to take him and his wife out shooting because he wants to get a weapon before he leaves. Do you guys know the best/mot affordable place to rent handguns in Las Vegas?
  11. flagellum

    ACLU and Gun Rights

    imported post So I know that the open carry movement is very diverse, and our political spectrum ranges all across the board. What I am curious to know is if the ACLU has ever taken any action against gun rights. I know that they think it is a collective right, andcertain satellite ACLU...
  12. flagellum

    Range Day

    imported post We all know how important it is to keep those guns broken in. Clark County Shooting Park 1357 North Decatur BoulevardLas Vegas, NV 89124 2:00 PM Sunday 25 April 2010 I'll Be there no matter what, anyone else interested feel free to join me.
  13. flagellum

    Non Leathal

    imported post I've always thought that it would be a good idea to carry no lethal protection, in case I ran into a situation in which I was assaulted in a non-life threatening way. I've been carrying a small can of OC spray, but after my second Accidental Discharge (No holster, goes in pocket...
  14. flagellum

    Shoulder carry

    imported post Hello. Right now I carry a little .380 in my front pocket, but I would like to carry something bigger. With my small frame 5'3" and 130 lbs, it's impossible to conceal anything big on my waist (I Know this is an Open Carry forum, but CC must be considering for some circumstances)...
  15. flagellum

    Airman in Need

    imported post As many of you know, concealed/open carry is not allowed on Base unless the individual is law enforcement, on-duty. There are a couple things I know about weapons on-base: They never be stored in the Dorms. They may be stored at on-base housing with commander approval. They...
  16. flagellum

    For Sale: Walther P22

    imported post I assume it is ok to post this here, I sa another gun for sale on this board earlier. I have for sale a walther P22 that I bought from the Nellis BX a month ago. It is black. I have only shot about 250 rounds through it. What I like about it is that it seems very ergonomic. It...