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    Fast Eddy Veto

    Well, that political hack governor of ours just vetoed the Castle Doctrine Bill. Apparently that anti-gun zealot hack thinks its fine that those involved in legitmate shootings spend thousands of dollars in defending themselves against civil suits. Well eddy, your victory is temporary. Next...
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    Harry Reid

    What is Harry Reid's record on backing the second amendment?
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    I urge the members of this forum to be sure and vote on Nov. 2. Statewide, Pennsylvania could be on the brink of electing an anti-gun zealot and OBama lapdog otherwise known as Joe Sestak. Sestak is on record as supporting a Clinton style semi auto ban, except his desires would have a more...
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    proposed legislation

    imported post Pennsylvania now is considering 4 bills, three of which are anti. Castle Doctrine in the house judiciary committee, assault weapon ban, establishment of a illegal gun czar which could turn out to be the nightmare that Maryland has, and the elimination of uniform firearm laws in...
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    armor piercing rifles

    imported post Doesn't the reelection committee of John Corzine ever tire of their placing terms on items that don't exist. Saw a TV commericial paid for by the Corzine committee that ran down his republican opponent for standing against a law that would illegalize armor piercing rifles! How...