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    Shooting Outdoors Near Richmond

    I am visiting from Florida. Any of you guys aware of a decent place to shoot outdoors around Richmond? Thanks
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    Collier County Fair

    Collier County Fair - No Firearms I was just denied entry with my weapon. Having to put it in the truck. They say the county owns the land but it is leased by Collier County Fair Board. I spoke with a CC Sheriff Lt. that denied entry...got his card. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
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    Visiting from Florida

    I am flying into O'Hare and actually staying at the Hilton there for a couple of days, then flying on to VA. What are your thoughts on issues if I check my XD45, go straight to the Hotel then secure it there? I am looking for any and all info online, but was hoping some of you may have...
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    Shooting at home

    Anyone have any input/insight around setting up a range in your backyard? 790.15 refers to "recklessly" or "negligently" discharging in a residential area or used as a dwelling. As I read it...if I setup a range that is effectively backstopped and shoot in a safe manner...I don't need to...
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    Next weekend, a couple of friends and myself are taking our kids camping at Babcock/Webb WMA. FWC has ruled against OC at the range there and while hunting...anyone camped there and OC'd? Can't find anything suggesting we will have a problem...we will be camping and fishing. Thanks Randy...
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    Fixing the new law on brief exposure

    Ran into Sen. Richter on a plane a few hours ago. When we got to ATL had a chance to speak. After catching up on where we were heading, I sprung on him that he needs to be a part of fixing the brief exposure garbage. He was non-commital and he didn't look happy that I brought it up. Told him...
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    Southridge Quaker Steak and Lube

    Was in Charleston this past weekend for a family reunion. Didn't oc as I don't have a comfortable rig yet. CC'd using my 5.11 tactical f.a.g.bag. a few looks around town, but nothing blatant. At QSL sat night sitting with my family, couple of charleston leo sit down at a table next to us. I...