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    LGS in Bozeman

    FYI-saw in the Mini Nickel a new gun shop is opening in downtown Bozeman. The address puts it at the corner of Wilson & Mendenhall in the little indoor mini-mall.
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    Simple freedom test-for legislators & LEO's

    Would you be willing to propose or support a statute that states language to the effect of "any contact initiated by a law enforcement officer with an individual shall be presumed nonconsensual, unless originally requested by the same individual." I bet you'll be surprised who opposes it....
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    Gun Show This Weekend 9/13-9/14

    Great little show in Whitehall this weekend. Small town shows are great places to meet & greet & find good deals-fewer retail GS vendors.
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    Exhibit @ Nampa Civic Center

    What's this I hear about a firearms accessories manufacturers' show/exhibit going on today and tomorrow at the Nampa Civic Center? I hear today (Wed, 8/8) is for manufacturers or FFL's only, and that there's going to be a Q&A with someone from the regional (Portland?) BATFE office. Heard also...
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    Need Billings attorney referral ASAP

    Close friend in MT needs assistance. The Yellowstone County Attorney won't release guns seized when my buddy was arrested for misdemeanor DUI, saying he is "concerned" about releasing them given the guy's prior charges and DUI. Please get over the DUI part of it - it was stupid, he knows it...
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    Sen. McGee's Resignation - OC, CC & 2A Implications for Canyon County & Idaho

    Likely many of you have heard about McGee's resignation from the Idaho Senate. If not, here's a link from the Idaho Statesman: http://www.idahostatesman.com/2012/02/22/2005410/caldwell-sen-john-mcgee-accused.html#storylink=omni_popular#wgt=pop Recall that Sen. McGee was instrumental in...
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    OT - not directly related to open carry - but ATTN Idaho Falls members/readers

    I was poring over the Idaho Falls city code on an unrelated matter, and found an item that needs to be brought to your attention. Apparently, it's illegal to store gun powder within the city limits. No weight limit mentioned, no specification (black powder v. smokeless), no "term of art"...
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    Decision issued on UI guns on campus case - but no word yet who won

    The Idaho Data Repository indicates that the judge issued a decision in law student Aaron Tribble's case against the UI on 12/7/2011. No news reporting has been done yet on it - does anyone in or near Moscow know the outcome? Here's the repository link...
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    Ada County needs education

    imported post I don't know if this has been addressed earlier, but it appears that Ada County Commissioners need some education on pre-emption. Oddly, note the date of its revision - Jan. 30, 2006 - well after the pre-emption statute was passed. 5-4-2: POSSESSION OF FIREARMS: A. Short Title...
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    Hyde Park event

    imported post Let's see what opportunities lie at the Hyde Park fair this weekend. Usually there are politicians' booths there - great opportunity to see how they really react to OC rather than fluff-piece position statements their staffers write for them! Good food, too....
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    imported post Just wondered if anyone is going; fun event and quite an opportunity to educate at a well-publicized, well-attended, open-to-the-public event.