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    Colorado carry with PA and Utah license

    Traveling to Colorado on vacation. What important things do I need to know about carrying in Colorado?
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    Open Carry in the Massanutten area

    Any Virginia locals have any info on the general feel of the Massanutten area, in regards to open carry? Taking two vacations this year and the second one will be to Massanutten. I possess both a Pa. LTCF and Utah CFL, which are both good in Virginia for conceal carry. Also, any tips on things...
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    Open carry in the Stowe area?

    I will be traveling from Pa. to Vermont this summer for vacation at the Von Trapp family lodge. Anyone in that area that could let me know the acceptance of open carry in the immediate area, would be greatly appreciated. We will be traveling around the area and doing a lot of biking. Is there...
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    What should I expect?

    I'm heading up to Maine for vacation this coming August and would like to know how the carry of firearms is received in the Rangeley Lake area. I have a Pa. LTCF and a CCW for Utah and want to make sure I am good to go in the fine state of Maine. Also, any unusual prohibited areas I should know...
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    Contact info for Gun Friendly Lawyers in VA?

    I'm wondering if anyone could provide info for a Lawyer who is experienced with gun issues, should the need arise while I am visiting the Williamsburg/ Tidewater area. I don't expect any problems but it would be reassuring to have a number I could call if I would come across a, should we say...
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    Coming to Virginia on Vacation!

    Once again, I will be visiting the state of Virginia in August. Specifically, the Williamsburg area, with trips planned to the beach(Virginia Beach) and probably Chesapeake to visit my cousin. I have a valid LTCF from Pennsylvania and also a CWP from Utah. Is there anything I need to be made...
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    Shopper Shoots Gunman Outside Wal-Mart

    imported post Lucky for this guy, he shopswhile armed. http://www.mcall.com/news/local/all-a1_3walmart-aug29,0,546214.story