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    Manchester N.H. High School Lockdown

    To ALL Granite State Residents: A Man was taken into Custody Today for Possessing a Pellet Gun and a Small Pocket Knife in The Local High School. Unless Mistaken, I Thought that it was PERFECTLY LEGAL to have a Pellet Gun and a Small Knife in a School in New Hampshire. I can not find a Single...
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    Salvation Army News Broadcast

    A Man was Spotted with a Firearm at Salvation Army. The Article can be Viewed here: http://www.vindy.com/news/2014/sep/22/update-youngstown-police-chief-aids-arrest-man-gun/ ..., and here: http://www.wfmj.com/story/26595404/shotgun-scare-brings-evacuation-at-youngstown-salvation-army Unless...
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    Leonard Embody makes The News

    Leonard Embody was Spotted Carrying a Rifle near a High School in Nashville. Opposing Views and The Tennessean made a Report of This, together with an On-0Line Post here: http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/education/man-walks-rifle-near-scared-school-promote-open-carry-video While it may...
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    Attorney General Undermines House Bill 826

    To Whomever is Concerned: House Bill 60, According to The Attorney General, was Signed and Enacted into Law AFTER House Bill 826. So, He says..., The Criminal Prohibitions Named under House Bill 60 TRUMP The Protections which were Intended to be Offered under House Bill 826. ...., I Guess...
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    Question for The AZCDL Fred

    AZCDL Fred: Although I am not a Citizen-Resident of Your State, I would like to Know what Bills now Pending before The Arizona Legislature have The Best Chance of Passing to be Forwarded for Governor Brewers' Consideration. Thank You in Advance aadvark
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    Oklahoma City METRO Transit is Violating State Law

    To ALL Whom are Concerned: The METRO Transit of Oklahoma City Prohibits ALL Firearms inside METRO Transit Buses and on METRO Transit Property. However, Oklahoma Statute 21-1903D only Prohibits Concealed Carry Aboard a Bus or The Vehicle of a Bus Company. A License Issued by The Bureau...
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    The City of Philadelphia is VIOLATING Pennsylvania State Preemption again...

    To Whomever is Concerned: The City of Philadelphia has, once again, Voted to Violate The Pennsylvania Uniforms Firearms Act! Information on This Occurance can be Viewed here: http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2013/03/21/philadelphia-lawmakers-vote-to-ban-guns-in-city-parks-rec-centers/ ...
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    I have a Question for The Louisiana Open Carry Organization...

    To Whomever it may Concern: I was Reading The Louisiana Constitution Yesterday in Light of The Vote on The Firearm Amendment to The Louisiana Constitution having Passed on The Ballot Earlier This Month. I Noticied that The Amendment takes Effect on December. 10, 2012, as is Viewable here...
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    Illegal Arrest in Columbus, Georgia!

    To ALL Whom are Concerned: The Columbus Police Charged a Man with Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Carrying a Firearm to or while at a Public Gathering, and Carrying a Pistol without a License for Bringing a Loaded Handgun in a Bookbag into a Movie Theater in Columbus. ALL of These Charges are...
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    Carmike Cinemas Changes its Policy!

    To Whomever it may Concern: I just Recieved Correspondence from Carmike Cinemas that Carmike Movie Theaters will NOT Allow Firearms into its Theaters and onto its Property as a Result of The Aurora, Colorado Movie Massacre. Previously..., I had Permission from This Company to Carry and Possess...
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    Three MAJOR Court Hearings This Week!

    To ALL Whom are Concerned: The 48th District Court of Michigan will Hear a Pre-Trial Report on The Combs Case out of Birmingham, Michigan Today! On Wednesday, a Trial is Schuduled for Mr. Combs. Also on Wednesday, The Michigan Court of Appeals will Hear Oral Arguements over The Capital...
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    Be Careful Starting July. 9, 2012 through July. 31, 2012!

    To ALL Whom are Concerned: Georgia Code Section 16-11-127(b)(8) AND Georgia Code Section 21-2-413(i) Prohibit The Possession of ANY Firearm in The Hands of ANY Civilian Personnel, who do NOT Qualify under either Georgia Code Section 16-11-130 OR The Exceptions Contained under Subsection (i) of...
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    Prince Georges' County is Attempting to Violate Maryland Law!

    To Whomever is Concerned: Prince Georges' County has Introduced Legislation that would Create a 'Gun Offender Registry'! The Article is Published here: http://www.afro.com/sections/news/prince-georges-county-news/story.htm?storyid=74891 This is a Clear Violation of Maryland Code 4-209, and...
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    Senate Bill 432 has been Signed into Law!

    To ALL Whom are Concerned: Governor Nathan Deal Signed into Law Georgia Bill 432! Georgia Law now Preempts Knife Regulations Exclusively to The State of Georgia, to The Exclusion of Local Governments! The Bill is Viewable here...
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    House Bill 536 Laid on The Table!

    House Bill 536 was Laid on The Table! New Hampshire now Joins South Dakota in States that meant Well to Authorize Constitutional Carry but could Quite not Gardner The Vote to do so!
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    Uneducated Police MUST be Educated!

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    Governor Brewer Vetos Bill!

    To ALL Whom are Concerned: Governor Brewer VETOED Arizona House Bill 2729. aadvark
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    Alert! All Louisiana Open Carry Members!

    Did Anyone Read This Newspaper Article?: http://www.ktps.com/news/Officers-take-to-the-streets-this-weekend/-/144844/10718912/-/9k2qqa/-/index.html If The Browser Misdirects You, then, go to Google and Type: Oficers take to the streets... Notice The Third Paragraph? Shreveport City CANNOT...
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    New Legislation has Arrived!

    To ALL Who are Concerned: House Bill 981 is here! This is a MUCH Needed Pro-Firearm Reform Bill! The House Bill can be Viewed here: http://www.legis.ga.gov/Legislation/en-US/display/20112012/HB/981 Also, a New Knife Preemption Bill, Senate Bill 432, which is a Senate Version and Variant of...