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    Is OC allowed where CC is banned on private property in MO?

    I was in KC MO from 7-25 through 7-31 and stayed in the Marriott Courtyard Suites. One morning I saw a youngish man OCing in the breakfast line. I was with a group and could not break away to introduce myself and find out if he was LE or not. Days later, I spotted a notice on the front doors...
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    National Reciprocity bill HR 822

    I wonder how the govt of Puerto Rico will react if HR 822 passes? (See NRA ILA site for full info) Will only people who live part time in PR be able to carry because they have a LIcense to Carry from their home state? Will the people of Puerto Rico be able to get a License by mail from...
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    Hit piece on OC in the Phila Daily News

    Today, Stu Bykofsky wrote an article that says that OC is legal but stupid, He compares it to burning the US flag. The are plenty of on-line responses already but there needs to be some calm and reasoned letters to the editor printed to get to the readership. I will be noting the "legal but...
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    Gerald Ung's trial

    His trial for the crime of self defense was supposed to start today in Phila. If anyone went to observe, please post what happened. I don't want to depend on the media for reality.
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    Checkmating RAS for OCers against Phila Police

    I am opening a new thread to repeat my reply to the Philly Police Memo thread and to consolidate my thread from the Penna Firearms Owners Asssoc site. I noticed that the Phila Commissioner's memo re OC started off saying that "no police officer can know who does or does not possess a LTCF."...