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    ATFE Form 1 Question

    I knowthis isnt carry related but i figured someone here has some know how on this. Im lookng to manf. my own suppressor after receiving my tax stamp back. Im filling out the form 1 and im unsure of how to answer a few of the questions. Part 4d Model Part 4e Length of barrell Part 4f Overall...
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    Police: Bar patron shot Plymouth homicide suspect

    Police: Bar patron shot Plymouth homicide suspect BY BOB KALINOWSKI (STAFF WRITER) Published: September 11, 2012 Mark Moran / the citizens' voice A woman steps into Bonnie's Food and Spirits at 133 E. Main St. in Plymouth on Monday. A shootout broke out at the bar early Sunday morning and...
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    Bringing a shotgun into NY state

    I will be traveling across the border from PA to NY state for a sporting clays event near the Hancock NY area. What do I need to do to be legal to bring it into NY state ? Thanks in advance Rob
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    Scranton Police Encounter

    Not Open Carry but: I was wearing a pullover when I walked into the Chinese restaurant. While getting out of the truck it must have pulled up a little and the bottom of the gun was sticking out like half of it. So I go in give them my phone number pay them and get my food and walk out. I...