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    .45acp is Visiting Ohio

    Hi folks, Well .45acp and wife are traveling east of the Mississippi for the first time in a few years accept for overseas travel. I don’t get back east much except traveling through airports. We are visiting our daughter that recently relocated to Columbus, Ohio. I plan on bringing my 1911 and...
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    OC'ers in the Vernal, Ut Area

    Hello all, It looks like I maybe relocating to the Vernal area in the next month or so. I just wondered if there are any active OC'ers in the area. Steve
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    Marines place 22.5 Million Dollar Order for the M1911 Government Model

    http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/07/28/marines-pay-22m-to-go-back-to-their-old-guns-colt-45-caliber-pistols/ Well, As a 1911 fan it does my heart good to see this. One of the finest combat guns ever built, by Colt, back in the hands of US troops (not just Spec Ops).
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    Another New Gun for the Wife Thread

    Was talking to my wife yesterday and she wants another carry pistol, she already has the following; Sig P-250 Compact 9mm S&W 349 .357 mag but shoots .38 Spec. 1911 Government (Ed Brown) What she is looking for now (this starting to remind me of shopping for new shoes) is something she can...
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    OC'er At Sierra Vista Safeway Today, there was Two of Us.

    Older gentleman, denim work cloths shopping with his wife. Looked to have a .380 auto in a well-used nylon holster. We did not get a chance to speak...but good on ya, it is good to see another OC’er. Steve
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    Sierra Vista Mall - No Weapons Allowed or No OC

    imported post "Excuse me sir" I turnedto findtwo Sierra Vista mall security and male and female, "Yes, what I can do for you". "Are you law enforcement?" “No" I responded "Weapons are not allowed in the mall" I asked if they where aware that AZ law allows for OC. "Yes, but this is private...
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    The Problem on the Border

    imported post To all who don’t live on the border and have no reason to keep up with the events taking place, I wrote this up and included quotes and website links that you can check for yourselves (there are literally hundreds of links that could be included). This issue is not really...
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    What Long Gun Do You Carry Out And About In The Bush

    imported post I thought it would be interesting to see what long guns other Arizonian's carry out in the boonies. For myself I carry a 1911 in .45acp (I know big suprise there) or a .44 mag 629 sporting a 3" BBL. For a long gun a M4 flattop with a 3x ACOG with dot over top or for long walk...
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    Might Have a Job Offer in New Hamshire

    imported post Hello All, First post on the NH board, well it looks like I have a good job offer in your fine state. I'll be coming from AZ. I am used to carring OC or CC 7 days a week everywhere, without nary a sidelong glance. From what I have read here, OC is well accepted in NH, and NH is a...
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    OC at Tuscon International Airport?

    imported post Today I drove up to Tucson Int’l Airport to pick up some elderly friends that were arriving, as customary (for me anyway) I OC’ed a 1911. Walking from the parking area to the baggage claim we passed a LEO directing traffic and pedestrians. Entered the baggage claim area and...
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    OCer's in Bisbee Area?

    imported post Any OCer's in the Bisbee/Douglas or Sierra Vista area. I'm staying down here for the next 4 or 5 months and would be up for some shooting or setting up a dinner with fellow OCer's in the area. I belong to the Sierra Vista range. Anyone else out there? Steve
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    CCW Holder Shoots Person In Next Stall

    imported post Florida Woman Shot in Leg by Bathroom Stall Neighbor Friday, July 10, 2009 TAMPA, Fla.— Authorities say a bullet from a gun that was accidentally dropped injured a Tampa woman sitting in a bathroom stall. Police say the bullet hit 53-year-old Janifer Bliss in the lower left...
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    OC in Arizona- No Problemo!

    imported post Hi folks, Got back from an extended trip down to SE Arizona last week, Douglas, Bisbee and Sierra Vista mostly, made a number of trips to Tucson and Phoenix too. OC’ed 7/24’s and nary a peep from anyone and not even a sideways glance from LEO’s. Ya just got to pay attention to...
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    Great OC in Nevada

    imported post Hello folks, I have just finished up a trip down to South Eastern Arizona to spend a month or so with my father. I have been working overseasfor most of the past 10 years and good quality time with the family has been limited to a couple weeks a year trying to run around visiting...
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    Need Info for CCW in Cali.

    imported post Hi folks, I'm considering a job in Colusa, CA. I realize that open carry in the Arizona mode or Utah mode is out of the question.:banghead: Since Cal. is a "may issue state" how difficult is it to get a CC permit in Cal. I was born a raised in Cal, but left in 82 and shook the...