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    open carry

    Sorry, not much time to look, been a while being here, don't know if all laws are up to date. I know used to be able to opencarry in Kentucky. Still this way? What are the 'do nots'?
  2. M

    citizen question

    Say a citizen is the body politic that owes it's allegiance to a country, then likewise the country is suppose to protect the citizen. Now as most know, the police have no obligation to protect the citizenry, likewise the U. S. had no obligation to protect the citizens. What do you think...
  3. M

    Hurricane Mills

    Went last week to Hurricane Mills, the place where Loretta Lynn's place is, went oc the whole time. I did ask if would be any problems, they kind of looked at each other, going ahhh, ahhh. But it was alright, I think I was probably the first to ask them. Went the whole time without any problems...
  4. M

    cracker barrell

    Went today to cracker barrell to eat. Always open carry. Been there before doing the same, except today the manager says to either keep my pistol in my vehicle or conceal carry. Had people call the main office complaining. It's about the kids! La de f---- da. Guess cracker barrell is on my "do...
  5. M

    my experiance today

    imported post Went down to Chattanooga to Sam's. Went shopping for all the goodies :lol:. Was OC'ing, and a guy comes up to me and asks, "Are you a police office?" (Sh*t). "No i'm not." He says, "Why are you carrying a gun?" I say, "Because i can." He looks at me with a stupid look on his...
  6. M

    pics, how?

    imported post Could somebody tell me how to upload a picture i got from my e-mail to here? Got one today i'd like to share with everybody. http://sz0133.ev.mail.comcast.net/service/home/-/untitled-2.jpg?auth=[/img[/url]] oh well, i tried.
  7. M


    imported post My paper carried an article today against carrying guns in bars (although in tenn- essee there is no definition for them) and I'm wanting to write another denouncing all that he's written. (Thank god the governor vetoed it, what were the other legis- lators thinking about...
  8. M

    Is it just me?

    imported post Is it just me, or is the media showing more about people getting killed with guns, just like when Klinton was in? I already know the answer, it's coming. :cuss: :banghead:
  9. M

    hasn't been a problem

    imported post I've started OC'ing here within the last two months. And anytime i'm out and legal i carry. I haven't had any problems (thank god) with anybody as far as carrying goes. I just returned recently from nashville with my wife, and stayed at a hotel next to the airport, we went to...
  10. M

    Done It!

    imported post Got my HCP today, after 34 days, found an excuse to OC to town. Wearing at the house my wife didn't like it.:cry: She'll get over it.:monkey