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  1. decklin

    Citizen Stops Hatchet Wielding Criminal.

    There was a DGU in a convenience store in White Center this morning. Bet the anti's have nothing constructive to say about it, though. http://q13fox.com/2016/03/13/machete-swinging-attacker-shot-and-killed-by-customer-at-7-11/
  2. decklin

    Auburn Police SUV w/ "Patrol Rifle" Stolen

    How come when it's in the hands of a citizen it's an assault rifle? Then in the hands of an officer it's magically a patrol rifle or even, gasp, just a rifle? Where are the calls for police to have better control over their equipment? Apparently an unlocked SUV behind a 4 foot fence is "secure"...
  3. decklin

    Armed Citizens Asked To Leave Property

    I knew those two ND's were going to cause people to cave in to fear. Of course nobodies talking about the Navy ND, only the Citizen ND. http://q13fox.com/2015/07/23/armed-citizens-guarding-spanaway-military-recruiting-center-asked-not-to-come-back/
  4. decklin

    Gov. Hogan Declares a State of Emergency, Activates National Guard

    http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2015/04/27/gov-hogan-puts-maryland-national-guard-on-notice/ So what does this mean for gun owners? Does Maryland have a law protecting gun owners from confiscation? Many states do not protect it's citizens from confiscation during a declared emergency. I know...
  5. decklin

    Auburn Sam's Club Update!

    Well, after 13 weeks and constant phone calls I finally got an answer to whether sams club will enforce their corporate policy with their Auburn location. Here is a link to the thread I originally started...
  6. decklin

    Canceled My Sam's Club Membership

    So today I had yet another encounter with the management at the Auburn Sam's Club. You can read about my previous encounter here: http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?121489-Auburn-Sam-s-Club-Police-Encounter So I head in today and the greeter tells me, "Sir, just to let you know we...
  7. decklin

    OT- Missing Bremerton Girl and Warrentless Searches

    http://www.komonews.com/news/local/FBI-takes-over-search-for-missing-6-year-old-girl-269982151.html I'm waiting for them to publish an article on what I just saw concerning this story. The FBI has gotten involved in the search for the missing girl. The thing that caught my attention on the TV...
  8. decklin

    Pick N Pull, Not Friendly

    Yesterday I went with two of my friends to Pick N Pull on 112th & Steele in Lakewood. I was OC as usual but neither of my friends were armed. As we walk up to the door we see a sign saying $2.00 admission fee. It was not listed on their website and I've never been to a pull yard that charged...
  9. decklin

    Auburn Sam's Club Police Encounter

    Today I oc'd to the Target at the south hill mall and through the mall itself with no issues. Then I went to Sam's Club in Auburn and as I was walking through the door two Auburn Police Officers came in through the other door. As we pass one officer says, "Sir, just letting you know that it's...
  10. decklin

    CPL Renewal, Pacific

    Well it seems that Pacific Police Department wants to play games. I filed for my CPL renewal on March 4th. I called them today and spoke with a woman named Samantha to find out the status of my renewal. She told me it was still processing but I was fine because my CPL is good until the 27th and...
  11. decklin

    Dshs not firearm or family friendly!

    So my Wife and I are unable to have children. We have been waiting until we thought the time was right to adopt a child. We wanted to make sure we would be able to handle a child financially and emotionally. Plus we wanted to be able to enjoy the things we would not be able to do with a child...
  12. decklin

    Another School Shooting

    This one in California. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/10/taft-high-school-shooting_n_2449261.html Excerpt: A shooting has been reported at Taft Union High School in Taft, California, KERO reports. The shooting suspect is in custody, according to ABC 7. The suspect is believed to be a...
  13. decklin

    Guns for Flu Shots

    I really wasn't sure where to post this and didn't see it already being discussed. Mods, please move if needed. Apparently Worcester, MA is conducting a gun buy back program that is the first of it's kind (That I know of). Here is a link for a very well written article on the subject...
  14. decklin

    Halloween Home Invasion

    I know people were waiting for these stories so here you go. I saw this on the news last night. http://www.q13fox.com/news/kcpq-grim-reapers-suspects-in-beacon-hill-halloween-home-invasion-20121101,0,3101487.story This was exactly the reason I was OC'ing on Halloween. Every Trick or Treater...
  15. decklin

    Wishy Washy Gun Owners

    This is a video I saw today. The guy speaking says he is in favor of OC then goes on to compel people to just give up their rights. Apparently he lives here in Washington and since he mentioned Sportsman's Warehouse I'm thinking he probably lives in the Puyallup area. Anybody know him? I've come...
  16. decklin

    South Sound OC Report........

    A Little Late..... So I'm posting this a little late. This will actually cover the weekend of the 31st-2nd. (Labor Day Weekend) Saturday the 1st I went to American Lake with my Wife, the in-laws, brother in-law visiting from South Dakota, and other brother in-law his wife and two kids. My...
  17. decklin

    Rainer Arms

    I was going to post this on the South Sound Report but I felt it deserved it's own thread. I have wanted an AR15 for a long time. After looking around at a lot of different companies and locations to purchase I decided to finally check out Rainier Arms in Auburn. I went in on the 31st. They have...
  18. decklin

    How many of you/us unholster when...

    I use a SERPA Quick Disconnect. It allows my firearm to stay holstered. I have adapters for a couple of my guns so I can just hook up either one.
  19. decklin

    Blackhawk Quick Disconnect

    So I picked up the Blackhawk Quick Disconnect system for the SERPA. My main reason was to be able to switch between hip carry and car carry with ease. I drilled my center console and attached one of the female adapters to the console. So far it works great.
  20. decklin

    Woman In Albertsons

    So I just got out of work and swung by Albertsons in Pacific (Auburn border on A street) to get a couple things. I was OC'ing my usual 1911. As I'm bagging my groceries a woman walks behind me and exclaims, "Whoa!" I glanced at her and she says, "You are strapped!" She starts to walk away and I...