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  1. greengum

    Drinking, holsters, threats, and Indy 2nd half

    I wanted to share a story from a few weeks ago in downtown Henderson at the El dorado casino. Back story first. I OC a .40 hi-point (haters gonna hate but you guys can't make fun of my wheel gun anymore!) When I am running around town and end up at a casino I keep it in the truck for a few...
  2. greengum

    Boulder City

    Is there anything preventing me from OC at bicentennial park for the BBQ competition? It looks like it is a city park.
  3. greengum

    Police, Best Buy, Santa hat, and no receipt

    Well it has been a couple months of not being able to log into my account here at OC.org. My passwords were lost when upgrading my OS to mountain lion. Yes it took me 2 months or so to realize my password app was on my external HD! Anyways here is my latest encounter while OC'ing here in...
  4. greengum

    Vacation through most of Nevada OC'ing

    To save you the suspense I had ZERO issues traveling and staying at hotels across our great state. My sister just graduated from Humboldt State University and the whole family made the trip by van to see her ceremony. First stop was Tonopah at the Ramada/Tonopah station hotel casino. They had a...
  5. greengum

    oops, loaded OC'd in California

    So I own a machine shop here in Henderson and moved here from Anaheim like 3 years ago or so. I did the whole unloaded OC and even did a couple meetups so I should really really know better. Anyways back to the story, I have been working 12 hour days for 2 1/2 weeks straight without a day off...
  6. greengum

    Police encounter at softball game

    There are 2 versions of what happened tonight at Morell park in Henderson. The first is from my POV and only what I saw and heard with my own eyes, ears. The 2nd is what friends and family heard being said in the stands which I cannot confirm with certainty because I was not there. My little...
  7. greengum

    Binions casino 86'd

    So I decided to play some no limit poker at binions casino down on Freemont st. We just got done with a big job at work and wanted to celebrate a little and booze it up. I went with my family and a lady friend who was going to drive us home since I would be drinking. I left my firearm in a...
  8. greengum

    Pizza hut asked to leave then invited back

    I went to pizza hut near Sunset Station to order some pizzas for next day delivery to Crown forklifts. We use their forklifts all the time so in return we feed them every few months or so. As soon as I walk in the door a lady who stated she was the manager told me firearms were not allowed. I...
  9. greengum

    Neighbor shoots at neighbor, swat team called on my street

    This is an account of basically what not to do by everyone involved. Well last week 2 doors down from me a guy we will call "A" fired his gun outside of his house at his neighbor we will call "B". So last Wednesday around 8pm or so we here a large bang outside. I figured it was a firecracker...
  10. greengum

    Lingerie, Window blinds, Free chicken, and smart water. Tales of OC in Vegas.

    I haven't had a day off work in about a month but had a few OC encounters here in Henderson. Now that I have slowed down a little bit I will share 4 stories with you guys. #1 It is around 9 pm and I set out to get a pack of smokes and some water. I went to the rebel station on the corner of...
  11. greengum

    Being yelled at while carrying!!

    I have been sick with the flu and I haven't left my house in 5 days. Today I felt a little better even though I still have a cough and I decided to go to my local Smiths grocery store located on Eastern and Windmill. A little back story here. I have been shopping here since I moved to Henderson...
  12. greengum

    Green Valley Ranch encounter

    A little back story before I begin with what happened last night. About a year ago I open carried and was surrounded by security and was treated with the utmost respect. The head security was named Troy and after the encounter he actually offered me a job! I don't open carry at GVR any more...
  13. greengum

    I broke the law!! Empty holster o noes!

    A funny story for you guys. It is another one of those "really? seriously? you have to be kidding." moments when it comes to the law. I play poker and I love tournament play. After work on Wednesday I came home and rushed to change out of my work clothes and shower. The tournament started at 7pm...
  14. greengum

    Thoughts and encounters with the people of Las Vegas

    I have had a few encounters this year, none of which deserves a post of their own so I will lump them together here. 1. Mr. joker. I go to the corner market once a day to get smokes and such. All the people who work behind the counter know I O.C. and we often have conversations about it. Well...
  15. greengum

    Shooting at Walmart

    An attempted robbery in a North Las Vegas Walmart parking lot Tuesday afternoon ended with the intended victim shooting at the robber, North Las Vegas police said. http://www.lvrj.com/news/man-shoots-robber-at-north-las-vegas-walmart-114174169.html I love how they are wondering if the shooter...
  16. greengum

    911 called on me

    So I went to Smiths on Eastern and Windmill to get some orange juice around 3pm. I shop there all the time. On my way out one of the cart guys stopped me and said be careful because he thinks someone called the cops on me. I walk out and a metro squad car is parked right outside with two cops...
  17. greengum

    Anti-gun bank teller encounter and the $1000 bet

    Kind of a long read but I like to be as accurate as I can be. I hope you enjoy. I have been going to the same branch of US bank here in Henderson for about a year now. I know all the tellers there pretty well. I have a business account with them along with a personal account. One of the tellers...
  18. greengum

    Police encounter, asserting Rights, and minors

    I got a call from my little sister who is 16 years old who many of you guys have met at open carry meet ups. She called me and her parents informing us that she was being detained right outside of school in front of the Sam's club store. Myself and her parents went to the scene. I of course was...
  19. greengum

    Pulled my gun this morning. This is why I OC.

    I may not have done everything perfect but the juices were flowing. This happened on the corner of Wigwam and Pecos right down the street from my house at about 2:45 AM. This happened about 20 minutes ago. I left with my dog Clover to get a pack of smokes from the local terrible's I go to...
  20. greengum

    quick oc encounter

    I went shopping this weekend at Smith's with my family. They never have enough checkers these days so I did the self checkout thing. Well anyways after I finished, I start walking away when the computer tells me to "don't forget you receipt". I turn back to find a middle aged man staring at me...