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  1. Z

    Carrying in a Car - "Unloaded" Definition

    I live in Ohio at the moment but I'm from Keene and will be there probably for Labor Day. Quick question, what constitutes "unloaded" in NH. In Ohio the rules are all messed up that even a magazine that has bullets in it that goes with a firearm that is in the vehicle even if one is in the...
  2. Z

    Open Carry in Resturants That Serve Alcohol

    I checked all the thread titles since last September and maybe I just missed it. But reading the law when carrying in a restaurant with a liquor license it sounds like you just have to have a CHL and it doesn't necessarily mean it has to be concealed. Is that correct?
  3. Z

    Tuttle Mall in Columbus

    I went to Tuttle Mall today for the first time since gun signs were of any concern to me. Went in at the entrance at Panera and Ruby Tuesdays. It's posted right at the door. "It is illegal to carry a firearm , deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance anywhere on these premises. Unless otherwise...
  4. Z

    Private Lodging/Campgrounds

    I live in Ohio but I travel to KY from time to time. I believe in Ohio a hotel or other lodging can't restrict your right to carry your firearm does anyone know if that is the same in KY? Just want to know so I don't end up making lodging arrangements only to be removed from the premises. And...
  5. Z

    Can Employer Restrict Even Having Your Firearm in Your Own Car?

    So I just read my company's policy on firearm and it mentions that you can't even leave your firearm in your car. Can an employer do that in the state of Ohio. Part of the policy does say "Unless permitted by applicable state law and regulations...." So does Ohio have laws around this either...
  6. Z

    Relavent Law Cheat Sheet?

    I just did my CCW training today but basically I got it so I didn't have to deal with the hassle of carrying in a car. I plan to open carry for the most part. I've pretty much read most of all the posts in all 40 pages of the Ohio forum. I don't know who is moderating this forum section but...