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  1. Difdi

    It's time to be vigilant in New Hampshire

    Simple. It's not happening according to plan, therefore it's not real prosperity. By their ideology it must be a dark age not a golden age, and any evidence to the contrary is just lies and fake news.
  2. Difdi

    Courts, encounters with locking up pistols while visiting.

    It's quite the catch-22 if they don't check the weapons the law says they must. You must present yourself on time when summoned or it's a crime. You must not carry past the security checkpoint or it's a crime. If you took a bus or walked to the court house, there is no place to put the weapon...
  3. Difdi

    Shoreline High School Campus forbids guns

    A little background: Back when my parents were in high school, the Shoreline school district operated one single ginormous high school. They eventually broke up the population of the school into several smaller high schools, most of which are still operating to this day. The school district...
  4. Difdi

    Something occurred to me while watching the news...

    Police and the media refer to wannabe mass murderers who grab a gun and go shoot up a place as "active gunners" or "active shooters". This implies there is such a thing as a "passive shooter" in their world view. But you can't pull a trigger passively, so a passive shooter would have to be...
  5. Difdi

    A firearm is a firearm is a firearm?

    One thing I've always been kinda interested in is the possible use of an airgun (with suitably non-mousey projectiles) as my carry weapon. It has a few things to recommend it -- among them ease of cleaning, compactness of ammunition (at least the bullet portion) and lack of hot, burning gun...
  6. Difdi

    Not completely OC related, but...

    http://photographyisnotacrime.com/2015/05/washington-jury-acquits-pinac-correspondent-of-trumped-up-charges/ Basically, a guy stepped out of his apartment, noticed police arresting someone and started filming using his phone. The police ordered him to disperse (from his own home no less) and...
  7. Difdi

    594 -- de facto gun ban?

    I've been wondering about something. Given the way 594 defines transfers and requires background checks, this worries me. If you live alone and never have guests over, it wouldn't be an issue. But what if you are married? What if you have kids? What if you have guests over from time to...
  8. Difdi

    Case law?

    I've occasionally seen a court decision mentioned here, that has to do with the police being unable to lawfully assume that someone engaging in a licensed behavior (driving, CCW, etc) lacks a license as a pretext for the stop, that they must have some other reason, a reasonable articulable...
  9. Difdi

    Interpol apparently supports carry

  10. Difdi


    I had an odd question posed to me today by a friend: If I am standing PRECISELY astride a state border (perhaps using differential GPS to get there), which state's laws govern my firearm carry? Would which side of my body (or which hand) I have the gun on matter? I doubt it has ever...
  11. Difdi

    Groupon is apparently an anti-gun business...

  12. Difdi

    Can a Presidential Executive Order...

    ...amend the U.S. constitution? Or a state constitution? I suspect that it can't, because otherwise there would be no amendment process built into the constitution, the founders would just have directed Congress to petition that the President to do it.
  13. Difdi

    Armed man shot...

    http://www.king5.com/news/local/Officer-involved-shooting-Pritchard-Island-Park-165115486.html Apparently the police didn't know if he had fired or raised his gun to do so before they opened fire. I wonder how long they gave him between ordering him to drop it and when they pulled the trigger?
  14. Difdi

    For those situations where one 1911 isn't enough...

    According to the company, putting the same amount of firepower on a target with a normal 9mm would require 30+ pulls of the trigger...this one? Eight. I kinda want one, heh. http://www.arsenalfirearms.com/products/af-2011-a1-double-barrel-pistol
  15. Difdi

    Odd idea and a question

    I'm sure someone has asked something like this somewhere on Earth before, but I can't find it. How does the law (WA, federal) handle high power airguns? Some years back, I was playing with an old paintball gun (adding parts, messing with pressure levels, etc), and managed to penetrate a 2x4...