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    Hello NH - IN OC member moved to Milford

    I was a lightly active OC member in Northwest Indiana. I recently moved to Milford. My IN LTCF allows me to carry until I get a NH drivers license and License to carry in NH. I plan on doing a form 4 for a suppressor soon but have read that the Milford CLEO is anti-gun (how the fuu??) trust...
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    out of state temp worker getting license?

    imported post A friend of mine is a WA resident. He'll be working at BP Whiting for at least two years. I know IN will recognize his WA license but he does not have one. I also heard that if hes a non-resident worker he may be able to apply for indiana LTCF. his drivers license is WA, but...
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    IN DNR claims need LTCH to go shoot

    imported post My best friend who visits Willow slough DNR outdoor range, said to me that some of the DNR officers (range guys) claimed that you have to have a LTCH now just to go to the range and shoot. I've never heard of such a law, code, rule. I checked the indiana codes again and I see no...
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    Can We Open Carry at Polling Places?

    imported post Today I'm going to vote for Hilary-- operation chaos style) My polling place is at the american legion in my town. Can I open carry here? Would love to see the dems reaction haha. Its not on our state code laws?
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    National CCW reciprocy billmay become real

    imported post http://www.nwaonline.net/articles/2008/04/14/news/041508dcgunrecip.txt Article says it all: Call your reps and ask they to join! class="forumText"WASHINGTON -- Americans with state-issued concealed weapons permits would be allowed to carry guns wherever they travel in the...
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    Some more OK places

    imported post Had my kingsley outdoor range outing. I was OCing with my galco shoulder holster and my fullsize Springfield P9 (cz-75 clone.) First was walgreens on route 6 and 51 in hobart. Got some looks and a 4 year old did the "look mommy." No problems however. Then blythes in valpo. They...
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    Quaker stake and Lube = positive

    imported post Carry my very uncomfy Springfield P9 (cz-75 clone) in a cheap belt holster for my dinner tonight. I know some of the wait staff there and there are no signs for firearms. Many people saw I was carrying and none thought 2nd of it. Good place to go if you carry. :)
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    Rifle Transportation/carry laws

    imported post Indiana only. What are the laws on the state books as far ad transporting weapons besides handguns (got my LTCH) Lets side I'm riding my motorcycle to the range. have my ar-15 soft case slung on my back with another shoulder bag holding ammo/whatever. Thats perfectly legal...
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    wikipedia state handgun carry information edited for OC

    imported post Webpage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_laws_in_the_United_States_(by_state)#Indiana I noted that the prior entry for Indiana said we got CCW licenses when we all get licenses to carry. I made this change in the first paragraph. Stated that both OC and CCW was allowed. :)
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    Active Military Carry rights?

    imported post Military enlisted and officers can get LEO breaks to purchase weapons. Active Mil Officers are able to carry open and or concealed anywhere ( their house, car etc) Like a LEO right? Or do MIL officers have to register with the state they're working in for a carry license? If so...
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    Can we OC/CC in Bars/Restaurants or Alcohol stores?

    imported post I've read that you're not allowed to CC or OC into any establishment that serves alcohol (like a regular restaurant). Does this Apply to us in Indiana? Also is it legal for me to CC or OC into a alcohol store as long as the owners are alright with it? Thanks in advance.