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    To give ID or not to give ID that is the question?

    Well as the title says if asked to give/show some forum of ID to a police officer would you? Now I know how most of you feel about this matter it's going to be a "Hell No!". But at the same time some people have the mind set that if you have nothing to hide just show them your ID. Still more...
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    WalMart Firearm policy?

    I was searching the web for information on WalMarts Firearm policy and came across this letter from WalMart stating their Firearm Policy for Concealed Carry as well as Open Carry. "DATE: Friday, April 16,1999 2:13 PM Subject: RE: Firearms Thank you for contacting Wal-Mart regarding our...
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    Claremont,City municode!

    I was search and reading the Claremont City code as I like to do from time to time to stay up to date. When I came across a city code "Sec. 9-3. Weapons in public buildings--Prohibited acts. (a) No person shall knowingly carry a loaded or unloaded pistol, revolver, or firearm or any other...
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    Burlington city council weapon ban on church st?

    After watching the news and the acts of a few numb nuts from CT and a Vermonter shooting off firearms in Burlington. Their is now talk that the Burlington city council is thinking about a weapon ban for all of church st. Has anyone else heard anything about this?
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    Need some Help from people who LIVE IN NH!

    imported post I think i posted something like this in the forums a while back. Anyway as most of us know the state passed RSA 159:26 159:26 Firearms and Ammunition; Authority of the State. – I. To the extent consistent with federal law, the state of New Hampshire shall have authority and...
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    picnic in Newhampshire Sullivan county (Claremont,NH,03743)

    imported post I'M setting up a picnic for this summer in sullivan county (Claremont,NH,03743). I have members of my other forum usacarry who are in the state coming. As well as the site founder coming up from FL and other members driving up from other states like CT and others. Who on here...