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    Firearm in checked baggage - any problems?

    I'm going to be traveling on Jet Blue next week and plan to check my firearm in at checked baggage. Has anyone encountered any problems doing this?
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    Piedmont area - OC reports

    Lowe's, Walmart, Martin's, Chick-Fil-A, Aldi's and Sweet Frog all visited recently while OC'ing.
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    Officer asked to leave gun free Outback Steakhouse

    Crickey, mate! You got all that out of a 32 word post? I don't show all my brethren in blue unconditional respect, why would you assume I require you to do it? If you had your way, you would label us all after Reg Christie!
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    Officer asked to leave gun free Outback Steakhouse

    Typical cop-hating attitude. You hate the fact that a LEO can be armed somewhere and you can't. Rather than address the problem with the establishment that discriminates against the armed citizen, you stomp your foot and cry (whiny voice)"If I can't have one, neither should he!" So you want the...
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    Officer asked to leave gun free Outback Steakhouse

    So the LEO, carrying a firearm as a tool of his profession, should have to remove it while he eats in a restaurant? :rolleyes: You cop haters are a real piece of work. :rolleyes:
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    Where can I carry in my car

    I am coming to your wonderful state next week (Myrtle Beach) and I have a question: Where can I carry while in my car? I have a Va. resident CHP, a Utah Non-resident CFP and I am a LEO. Do I need to keep it in the center console while driving around? Or can I keep it in my Alien Gear IWB holster...
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    Are Firerarms allowed at Wolf Trap Farm Park

    I am going to see Frankie Valli tomorrow at Wolf Trap and I was wondering if OC or CC was legal there. Any body know?
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    13 U.S. Senators to Bass Pro: Change gun policy

    Our illustrious Senator, Tim Kaine, is one of these losers. No surprise there, I guess. But wouldn't their time be better spent fixing the agency that is not completing the background checks on time...
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    Fredericksburg PD circumvents gun buy-back law via loophole

    Here is the ad that was in this morning's Free Lance Star.
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    Senior Maryland ex-state trooper claims O’Malley administration silenced him on gun c

    Is anyone surprised by this? Just keep in mind that O'Malley will run in 2016 for the Democratic nomination. He won't get it, but his goal is either name recognition, a Cabinet post, or both...
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    Shooting reloads in my Beretta 92 FS

    I took my new Beretta 92 FS out yesterday and shot it for the first time. What a sweet shootin' gun. However, I had an experience that I need advice on. While shooting reloads, the slide would not lock in the open position after the last shot. The slide would be closed, and the trigger would...
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    Maryland Sheriff Refuses To Enforce Federal Gun Laws

    While it's good to see this sheriff standing up for his principles, he runs the risk of feeling the wrath of the Governor. Martin O'Malley is a staunch liberal with presidential aspirations for 2016 and he will never allow this to go on in his state. There is a reason why I call Maryland "Cuba...