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  1. ComradeV

    Glock G42

    Glock armorers and gun geeks my curiosity is tingling and I need your opinions! How easily could the .380 Glock be converted to use 9mm Makarov?
  2. ComradeV


    Do you think anyone will mind if I OC wearing a WVCDL T-shirt or will bears and dogs spring forth violently from the wood to oppose me?
  3. ComradeV

    Staying at a state park

    I've been carrying concealed at the state park here, even while hiking and I think it somewhat sucks since i have a full size revolver. I'm afraid to get accosted by some DNR guys or whatever because they repeatedly emphasise uncased firearms are against their rules. I'm thinking about OCing...
  4. ComradeV

    Onslow County Parks

    http://www.onslowcountync.gov/workarea/downloadasset.aspx?id=17688 Base on these ordinances governing the park, a blanket ban of any possession of firearms exists within the parks of Onslow County. This was published in 1992. I'm not sure if this ban is within the authority of the county or...
  5. ComradeV

    Sig Sauer P250

    How about that P250? 9mm and .357? Compact?
  6. ComradeV

    Integration/Assimilation of Mexican/Hispanic populations into American Society

    There are some people seem to oppose the ever increasing numbers of Mexican and other Hispanic immigrants (legal and otherwise). While there are no easy answers on the subject, it seems one of the best options available would be to strongly encourage those who have come here peaceably to become...
  7. ComradeV

    Moustaches and Open Carry, do they mix?

    Moustaches and Open Carry can both be great by themselves, but do they really mix?
  8. ComradeV

    Best .357 Sig pistol

    Which pistol chambered in .357 sig do you think is the best overall?
  9. ComradeV

    North Carolina Rifle/Pistol Association

    imported post http://www.ncrpa.org/ccwfaq.htm Some of the information seems quite silly and even some is an outright lie. What's up with that?
  10. ComradeV


    imported post I love my CZ-52. It really isn't conceable but 7.62x25mm is awesome. It provides superior penetration and it is very affordable.
  11. ComradeV

    Man Arrested After Weapons, Map of U.S. Military Facility Seized From N.J. Motel Room

    imported post http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,583912,00.html?loomia_ow=t0:s0:a16:g2:r5:c0.031228:b30060590:z0 " Do you think he was using the .50 beowulf?
  12. ComradeV

    Charged With Going Armed to the Terror of the People and carrying a concealed weapon

    imported post As some of you may know, I was detained, arrested, and then charged with Going Armed to the Terror of the People and carrying a concealed weapon on August 15 2009. The incident began in Navy Federal. I was open carrying a Glock 26 on a serpa paddle holster. I also happened to...
  13. ComradeV

    How Does Jacksonville, NC react to Open Carry?

    imported post I recently openly carried a sidearm into the Wal-Mart on Yopp rd, with no obvious attention given to me, and also at the Autozone. All but one employee seemed totally unconcerned with it. He reacted quite poorly and seemed to feel that one should not be armed in private businesses...