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    NYSRPA case might open opportunity for LOC Activism in CA and other No OC and "May Issue" CCW states!

    You got them all, except CGN: CalGuns.Net Since I'm not sure re. the propriety of posting links to other forums on here, I'll just say if you go to CGN and look in their 2nd A Litigation and National 2nd A Political and Legal forums, you can find threads dedicated to those cases there (usually...
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    NYSRPA case might open opportunity for LOC Activism in CA and other No OC and "May Issue" CCW states!

    (Mods, please move thread if this is wrong forum.) Hi folks, I haven't been around much. I mostly visit CGN where I've been keeping up with the NYSRPA case that's been granted cert. by SCOTUS. My guess is that in the first full week of July (probably that Monday -- ~3 weeks from now), SCOTUS...
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    H. 3456 (Hill): S.C. Constitutional Carry Act (2019)

    From: http://www.statehousereport.com/2019/01/11/1-11-full-issuse-on-selling-santee-cooper-new-conservation-book-democratic-branding/ Link to the Constitutional Carry bill: https://www.scstatehouse.gov/billsearch.php?billnumbers=3456&session=123&summary=B ETA: I don't know the impact of this...
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    OC in Wiki and OCDO

    imported post I was looking over the NRA's Wiki page and noticed at the bottom where there is a list of pro and anti "gun" organizations that OCDO is not listed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Rifle_Association I then searched for OC in Wiki and found...