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  1. M-Taliesin

    Armed Traffic Stop

    Howdy Folks! I had just transported a fugitive to the 4 Corners area in order to turn him over to agents from Arizona. Because I arrested him late in the evening, it was pushing 5am the next morning by the time I got as far as Durango on the return trip. After a pot or two of coffee to stay...
  2. M-Taliesin

    Dropping By From Aurora

    Howdy Folks! Seems like I havent posted since Custer died, so I figured I'd drop by and provide evidence that I still exist! Ive open carried for so long now that I nearly take it for granted. It is what I do, no big deal, not much different than putting on pants in the morning! I have...
  3. M-Taliesin

    Aint it a Wonder?

    Howdy Folks! All the attention Colorado has gotten since we had recall elections to get rid of a couple of gun grabbing politicians that voted to infringe on our rights to keep and bear arms. Well, they're dusting off their resumes now, and soon Evie Hudak will need to follow suit. Wonder...
  4. M-Taliesin

    Colorado Sheriffs who support our Constitutional Rights threatened with loss of pay!!

    Howdy Folks! This is the specific abuse of power we recognize as dictatorship. We have a state legislature that is trying to dictate to Colorado sheriffs that either they support the new and completely unconstititional gun grab bills, or risk losing pay...
  5. M-Taliesin

    Time to Take a Stand, Be There!

    Howdy Folks! In the most compelling hour of radio I've heard in many years, Michael Brown called upon all who cherish the 2nd Amendment to rally at the state capitol and express our outrage at legislation before them intended to strip us of our rights...
  6. M-Taliesin

    Project 94

    Howdy Folks! Here are the essentials of Project 94. The purpose of Project 94 is to remind elected officials at all levels of government; from city and county, to the state legislature and governor, to our U.S. representatives in congress and the senate, along with our president, that we will...
  7. M-Taliesin

    Why We Need Democrats

    Howdy Folks! There is an old proverb that says: the enemy of my enemy is my friend! I have seen a great deal of emnity against Democrats, but I'd like to offer another perspective on that particular topic. It is something to consider thoughtfully, rather than react with an emotional response...
  8. M-Taliesin

    Come and Take It!

    Howdy Folks! Every gun owner, from coast to coast, border to border, should rise up and send a strong message to every politician; from every city council person, to every state legislator, to every federal representative in Congress and the Senate... send the message loud and clear...
  9. M-Taliesin

    Colorado Springs Meet and Greet! 12/22

    Howdy Folks! Our Meet and Greets are usually a social affair, and we get together to talk about anything and everything that strikes our fancy at the time. However, in light of recent events and the media drumbeat for greater gun control legislation; coupled together with Hickenlooper's...
  10. M-Taliesin

    Meet Up in Colorado Springs! TODAY~

    Howdy Folks! We are hosting a meet and greet today (Saturday): Saturday, September 15th, 10am, Colorado Springs. Let's meet up! Peak Grill, 4423 Centennial Blvd. Hope to see some familiar faces, along with some new ones. Blessings, M-Taliesin
  11. M-Taliesin

    OC Outing, Colorado Springs and beyond!

    Howdy Folks! Yesterday the wife wanted to go to Colorado Springs. Terrific, I thought. We'll just do that little trip and then head west. I've been searching for the original site of Tarryall. I've learned the current location by that name was originally called Puma City, and the original site...
  12. M-Taliesin

    Weapons were drawn tonight! Serious situation ends well.

    Howdy Folks! While I cannot elaborate on details right now, we arrested a fugitive last night and transported her to jail without incident. Tonight my team went into a situation where an unknown number of people were in our target location, and in addition, at least another 8 to 10 were on...
  13. M-Taliesin

    Status of OC in Missiouri?

    Howdy Folks! My wife and I are planning a trip to Lathrop Mo in September. Looks like you haven't got preemption in Missouri, so naturally, I'm curious about OC'ing in Missouri while there. If it is prohbited, we can veer north to Iowa and carry there on our way further east after our visit...
  14. M-Taliesin

    One Dog was Bigger than the Other, but Both Came After ME!!!

    Howdy Folks! I have neglected to speak of this before now, but it happened on my walk Friday morning. Living as I do near the Sand Creek biking trail, I frequently go there for walks. Naturally, I walk from my home and through my neighborhood to reach it. On this particular morning, I was...
  15. M-Taliesin

    Open Carry Prohibited at Coors Field?

    Q: Why doesn't the Post Office produce stamps featuring the Colorado Rockies? A: If they put the Rockies on a stamp, people wouldn't be able figure out which side to spit on. Q: Why do people like driving a car with a Rockies fan? A: Because you can park in the handicap zone! Q: What is the...
  16. M-Taliesin

    Exercise with Thomas Jefferson!

    Howdy Folks! I just stumbled on this gem from Thomas Jefferson to his nephew, Peter Carr, on health and exercise. =========== A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercise, I advise the gun. While this gives a moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise...
  17. M-Taliesin

    TCF Bank, Lone Tree Colorado: Does not Respect YOUR Rights!

    Howdy Folks! My pal Pipster was at a TCF bank yesterday at Lone Tree. He had been in the bank approximately 45 minutes when he was approached by an assistant bank manager by the name of Justin Warner. Mr. Warner asked Pip if he is a law enforcement officer. Pipster told him he is just a law...
  18. M-Taliesin

    Colorado's Preemption Law: Please sticky this.

    PREEMPTION!!! The subject of Colorado statewide preemption comes into question from time to time. As a result, I created this to review the language of preemption so it may be readily accessible for any member for reference purposes. ------------------------------------- CRS 29-11.7-103...
  19. M-Taliesin

    Challenging 9News Reporting, and Possible Coverage of Meet and Greet

    Howdy Folks! I sent a comment to 9 News through their website. Here is what I said to them: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your report regarding an open carrier James Mapes arrest in Thornton had misinformation in the report...