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    Bank of America on my list to boycott now.

    When are these businesses going to learn that we actually DO have rights, BofA actually dropped this guys accounts because of his work. http://www.ammoland.com/2012/04/bank-of-america-refusing-businesses-that-support-the-2nd-amendment/
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    Winnemucca Gun Show

    Anyone planning to attend? I will be there. http://gunshowtrader.com/gun-shows/winnemucca-gun-show/
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    Can someone point me here?

    Does anyone know of the specific laws concerning OC in banks?
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    Is the US the new Australia?

    I just found this on WND's website and think we should make a concerted effort to contact our officials here in the states and do whatever we can to make sure this does NOT happen here. This article is pretty long but well worth the time to read. Following is an excerpt and the link to the...
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    Ammo and gun supply.

    I have read elsewhere that ammo and gun supplies are beginning to get better. Here where I am, that is not the case. Shelves at retailers are still pretty empty. No .22, .223, 9mm, 10mm, and very few .45 ammo on the shelf. Handgun racks are practically empty. What does it look like in larger...
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    School zone help!

    I was setting here drinking coffee, and looking around the forum this morning when something clicked in my brain finally. I OC now, but am waiting on my CCW to arrive. The problem is that right across the street from where I live is an elementary school, and I had not even CONSIDERED any...
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    Very interesting read.

    If you have not seen this yet, please do so. http://monderno.com/monderno/dont-tread-on-me/
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    Looking for currnet pamphlets.

    I see a lot of talk about handing out pamphlets to inform the general public about OC rights. I am in search of some that have already been designed and can be sent to me so that I can just print and hand out locally. I know some of you here have some ready to go that can get the message across...
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    New to OC (again) and the forum.

    I have not OC'd for 24 years, and am currently awaiting my CCW permit. I have lived in this fine state for 10 years now, and would like to know what I can do here in my local area to help other OC's. I am not a kid, but 50 years young, been around firearms my entire life. I live in Winnemucca.